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Our house loves Itchy! Our (almost) two year old is learning her letters and their sounds at a rapid rate. After we were introduced to this Teaching Guide For Preschoolers and Kindergarten, we were hooked! What is this product?

Itchy’s Alphabet came to us from Brenda Larson, President of Itchy’s Alphabet. When she asked us to review her products, we put her system to the ultimate test. It is recommended for preschoolers and kindergarteners so we found some of the cutest ones we could find to see if they grasped the concept of phonetics and letters through Itchy. We threw in a monkey wrench. We got another test subject, a plucky little one year old who loves to learn but is a little young for the package.


Itchy is a wonderful learning snake that is the star of Itchy’s Alphabet. This sytematic program is designed to teach letter sounds and letter formations in a fun and highly effective manner. We tested it on a number of Kindergarten students and within days, they were tracing and sounding out the letters of the Alphabet.


The pictures are bright, bold and designed with a multi- sensory approach. If your child is a visual learner, they will love the Itchy plush toys to go along with the kit. If your child loves to associate sound with visual stimulation, this kit teaches the child the association between words and objects. “C is for cookie, after you take a bite of it.”

Itchy’s Alphabet emphasizes letter sounds and not names, and lowercase letters. Itchy makes it simple not to overwhelm children with the complexity of the alphabet, but to break it down into easy to use tasks. View all of the Itchy products here!


The Preschool program is similar to the Kindergarten program but introduces the cues and activities differently. The activities are designed to be phonological for the appropriate age. Let’s face it, Preschoolers and Kindergarteners learn differently! Schools should have Itchy’s Alphabet in their school system.  Let’s start off the next generation of readers right by giving them Itchy’s Alphabet to identify with early!

There is also a French and Spanish program available, developed on the same concept of a picture cue in the shape of the letter.

If you are a homeschooling parent, you will love Itchy. Your children will be ahead in mastering the alphabet and phonetics and the easy to understand teaching guide is a light read filled with information on how to get your child to learn the alphabet, in the way they learn most!

Parents who send their children to school can use Itchy’s Alphabet at home to make sure the learning does not stop at school! Use Itchy’s Alphabet in a fun way to teach your children about the Alphabet and the sounds behind each letter.

Now, how did our little one do? She loved Itchy, a plush stuffed animal that stimulates a young tots senses. She began to pronounce letters and know a key word what they had represented through the Alphabet Starter Sets. “A is for apple.” She would point to the apple and respond to our “A is for…” question. We were impressed with her rapid progress. We have also noticed she is picking up more books and pointing out some letters that she recognizes. This was all in the first week. We threw in a child that was too young for the program, followed Itchy’s Alphabet rules of being fun and interactive and she flourished! Of course, we went at a toddlers speed of learning in 8 minute intervals, but even that short period of time paid off! Even if your child is a tot, don’t hesitate, get Itchy’s Alphabet early! They are sponges at this age.

We believe that the Itchy’s Alphabet Kit will put your child years ahead of their peers. Through fun learning, your child will not be scared to eventually open up into the wonderful world of reading. Its imperitive to get your children reading as soon as possible and let them love reading. Itchy’s Alphabet is the way to get your child comfortable with learning, reading and eventually doing well in English studies. Give your child a chance to love reading! Get Itchy’s Alphabet today! They ship GLOBALLY!