Kids Keep Safe With Happy Headbangers Club

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No parent wants to argue with their child to put their helmet on before they go on their bicycle, roller blades or skateboard. But it happens, children do not want to wear their helmets! The results of not wearing a helmet and having an accident can be devastating but The Happy Headbangers Club in the UK has an answer to keep your your child looking fashionable and safe while enjoying their time outside!

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Primarily used in Autumn/Winter but weather and “affection” dependent, this year round product are designed for children to enjoy wearing their helmets! The concept is bright and adorable. Happy Headbangers Club has created a design mimicking a cuddly toy to go on top of the helmet. It’s like your child has a little adventure buddy to take along with them!Headbangers-product (2)


Children have so many designs to choose from, 16 to be exact! For the older children, their are gladiators or army visors. There are so many styles to suit children’s different taste. These helmets are also compatible to ski helmets with rear access to goggle straps and ear retainers. These helmets are great, all year long!


How can you get your own helmet from the Happy Head Bangers Club? They deliver anywhere from Amazon. They also take orders with a personalisation of the child’s name embroidered on the side for extra style credit!

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Keep your child safe and looking stylish with the Happy Headbangers Club.

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