Japanese names that start with L – Japanese names are some of the most beautiful names in the world. Each of these Japanese girl names have interesting meanings and are favored by many families. Some parents are looking for that perfect baby girl name and have an idea what they want it to sound like but need some inspiration. Here are the top Japanese girl names that start with L to inspire you to find that perfect name!

Japanese Girl Names That Start With L

Japanese girl names that start with L are not popular. Actually, they are rare. The reasons for this are simple.

The “L” sound is not a popular letter for Japanese girl names! So if you are inspired by the names below, you will not only find a rare Japanese girl name but you will also have a unique sounding Japanese girl name. Secondly, the sound “L” is often pronounced with an “eru” sound. So having that “L” sound is unique. However, these are some of the rare Japanese girl names that start with the letter L.


Firstly, this Japanese girl name that starts with L has a harsh meaning. However, we consider it a strong Japanese girl name. Leiko means arrogant. Additionally, this is a very tough name.  a young girl with this name would be considered a trail blazer in our eyes. She would be a person who thinks differently and paves her own path in life. Similarly, she will be a person full of ideas. Seen as arrogant by others of authority, she will be someone who changes things for the better. Lastly, if you want a strong baby girl who will be her own trend setter and a leader, consider the name Leiko for your little one.


This beautiful Japanese girl’s name is really Kawaii! It is cute and happy and means “light hearted.” This girl is always smiling, she is never judgemental and she loves life, her family and her community.

She is interested in a life that is calm, full of happiness and wonder. She understands not to stress out when she is getting the job done. Lekki is considered very cute (kawaii) and is always ready for the challenges life has to offer. She does not worry or fret about the small stuff. Consider Lekki for your little girl’s name.


This is another rare Japanese name. Lumi is derived from the word “light”.  Lumi is pronounced “Rami”. It has a western influence. It is notably popular in Finland. This bright name is perfect for a family who is looking for a unique girls name. The name Lumi is short and sweet. It describes a beautiful person perfectly. Notable people with the name Lumi include Lumi Mizutani. Mizutani is a painter and lithographer.

There are not many Japanese girl names that start with L out there (we only have three on our list!). However, they are beautiful and meaningful in their own way. Those who name their girl one of these names are people who love a rare name. You also may find yourself a bit of a name trail blazer!

Japanese Girl Names Inspired By L Names

Here are some Japanese names that could be inspired into L names or were inspired by L names,

リン (Rin) –

All in all, this name can be adapted from the English name “Lynn” and can mean “bell” or “dignified.”

レイコ (Reiko) –

A name that may have been influenced by the English name “Layla.” It can mean “lovely child.”

ルナ (Runa) –

Overall, this name is derived from the English word “luna,” which means “moon.”

レイラ (Leila) –

This name could be influenced by the Arabic name “Leila,” meaning “night.”

リリアン (Ririan) –

An adaptation of the English name “Lillian,” which means “pure” or “innocent.”

レオナ (Reona) –

Inspired by the English name “Leona,” which means “lioness” or “brave like a lion.”

Remember that when using foreign names in Japan, they are often written in katakana, which is one of the Japanese writing systems used for foreign words and names. Additionally, the meanings of these names may not be traditional Japanese meanings but rather interpretations based on the sounds.

Lastly, if you are still looking to be inspired, look at some of these other beautiful posts to help you find that perfect name.

Top Japanese Girl Names

All in all, if you are looking for that perfect Japanese girl name, prepare to be inspired! There are the top Japanese girl names out there. They are guaranteed to help you find that perfect name for your baby girl. We have included Japanese girl name meanings as well. This will help you narrow down your search. Finally, congratulations on your baby and we hope this helps!

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