Skinnamarink Book Review

From the beloved Sharon, Lois and Bram’s timeless song for children, the book Skinnamarink is a favorite amongst children and adult s everywhere. Along with the talented Randi Hampson (Sharon’s daughter) and the beautiful illustrations from Qin Leng, its no secret why everyone loves Skinnamarink.

The Lyrics, The Love and The Inclusion

This sing aloud story is beautiful. Your entire family can sit down and sing along. Children of all ages (and the children at heart too) will know the words and the actions to everyone’s favorite interactive song, Skinnamarink. This song celebrates love, community and the joy of music. Tundra books has an instant classic on their hands!

Children of all backgrounds are included in this story, making it a real life, digestable and beautiful book for families everywhere.

Toddlers will take joy in the song and the easy to remember hand gestures. Children will be able to teach the littles. Parents will have memories come back in an instant. This book is great for children’s sensory play, gross motor skills and imaginative skills. Lastly, the book itself is a keepsake. We can all relate to the landscape and togetherness presented within the illustrations.

What We Love

We love that this book is not only a fun time for families, but it bonds generations together. Parents remember hearing and singing a long to this song when they were children. Children who are learning it for the first time love the interaction and music but also that the whole family can get involved.

Extra Credit

Have your children write, sing and act out an extra verse of Skinnamarink! Similarly, it would be very interesting to see how they describe love and what it means to them. Do they talk about a place? Secondly, what people are included in their verse? Have your children sing and act out the whole song with their lyrics included. They can even draw an extra page to add to Skinnamarink. This is a great way to explore imaginative skills, creative skills and sensory skills.