Josie’s Busy Calendar

Josie has always had a packed calendar full of fun, until the school’s close down. Now that everything is opened up, she still feels a funny feeling in her tummy now that her calendar is full again. Should Josie continue to have her days packed or unpack what is really bothering her?

A Child’s Calendar

If you think adults can be busy, look at a child’s calendar! Even the quietest elementary school student is packed with school, playdates, extra curriculars and family visits. For many families, this is normal, but for a growing amount of children like Josie, they are valuing something else. Josie’s Busy Calendar gives permission for children an adults alike to re-evaluate how one spends their time, and emphasizes the importance of giving time to yourself.

Author Jen Wint subtly speaks of the time where schools had shut down for a while. Children who had jam packed calendars were now left to their devices at home. Whether they were remote learning or at home, each child learned more independent play in their time. When schools reopened, all of the fun was back, but some lessons were learned over the time families spent at home.

Josie’s Tummy Ache

When Josie goes back to school and sees her wonderful friends, her calendar immediately fills up. From visiting Drew on the playground on Tuesday to baking with Nadia and Taylor, Josie just isn’t busy, her calendar is full! Josie notices that her tummy is in complete knots! Her anxiousness is constant and it is represented by a black bird.

Josie Learns About Balance

Balancing a calendar of great friends and events can be fun! Josie learns a lesson that many children will love and adults need too! Make sure to schedule time to be a friend to yourself! Will Josie learn to make time for this balance?

Author Jen Wint ensures that children should have an emphasis on loving yourself, having down time and putting ones mental health as a top priority. In a world of appointments, visits and busy calendars, Josie wants you to take time for yourself! Anxiety can be very common for children, especially with the recent global pandemic. It is important for children to take time for themselves to destress, learn new projects on their time and most of all, relax!

This is the first book we have seen that encourages good mental health for children’s busy schedules. We can’t emphasize how important this book is for your personal library. Children will want to read this again and again as a kind reminder to take time for themselves!

Extra Credit

Have your children write out their calendars for the month. What does it look like? Remember to include playdates, school events, visiting family and extra curricular activities! Has your child scheduled anytime for themselves? Be sure to encourage the importance of being a friend to yourself!