Choosing Godparents: Picking the Right Ones For Your Child

God parents are such a wonderful gift to your child. They are there to protect your child and guide them through out life. It can be like having a second set of parents! However, choosing God Parents that are perfect for your kids can be a hard task. We have some great tips to help you pick the right ones for your child.

What Is A Godparent?

Traditionally, a godparent is a adult who is named during a baptism, as the adult who vows to care for and guide a child religiously though out their lives (especially during childhood). If parents leave the religion or cease traditional religious studies, a godparent would step in. It is like an assurance that the child will have further guidance into their faith.

Overtime, the role of a godparent has evolved for many families across the world. Parents at times will go forward choosing a godparent who will take their child in the case of an accident or death of both parents. Godparents are also there for example, Catholic children, in the act of their First Communion as a guest and their First Confirmation as a sponsor.

Depending on the religion, godparents can play different roles in a child’s life.

Godparents also come for birthdays and celebrate holidays such as Christmas. They act as second parents to your child and develop a close bond with them. They make sure that the tunnel of communication is always there and they act as an ear to listen to as they get older. Godparents keep great relationships and love their godchild like they are their own.

In some Christian faiths, a child can have up to two godparents. This is usually one man and one woman to represent your child. They both have to members of the faith. In other faiths such as the Church of England, it is recommended to have at least three godparents.

Lastly, some people make the godparents of their child the family who will take their children if they pass away. This becomes official in a last will and testament.

What You Should Look For In a Godparent

Other than the religious guidance that the church will give you, here are some ideas of what you should look for in a godparent. Make sure that the person you choose is close family or friends. Recent friends or regular friends may not work out because you don’t know if they will be in your life for a reason, a season or a life time. Choosing godparents means you pick someone who agrees with your teachings religiously, loves your family and supports you and that they are a safe person and create safe spaces for your child to go to.

Choose people that you have an excellent relationship with and that will love and support your child through out their lives.

How To Ask Someone To Be A Godparent

Making your choice of who will be your godparent for your child is very special and sacred. How do you ask a person to be a godparent? You have to consider the following:

They May Say No

Choosing to be a godparent takes effort. Ideally, they will be in that child’s life for the rest of their life. By saying yes, a godparent is agreeing to continue to continue to serve the religion that you have all been a part of. Secondly, since some parents would want the godparent to be the legal guardian of their children if they pass away, that is a big task to take on. Some people may not be able to take on that responsibility. Whether it is for financial, emotional or medical reasons, you would have to accept that not everyone is capable of being a godparent.

The godparents may have just said “yes” to too many couples and they want to make sure their godchildren are cared for.

The Talk ladies have an interesting take on people saying “no” to being a godparent.


Being A Godparent

Be sure to outline what you would like from your potential godparents. Whether that is to guide them religiously, be like an aunt or uncle to your child (if they are not already) and/or be the guardian of your child in your will, make sure to outline what you are expecting. Similarly, be prepared to hear what they can provide. Often, people are so honored by your request, they will accept your terms and be excited about this journey forging a healthy relationship with God and your child.

Non Religious Godparents

Some families are not religious but still like the idea of godparents. Choosing a godparent without a religious reason can look like someone who is there to morally and ethically guide your child. Like religious godparents, they can be aunts, uncles, or really good friends. Non religious godparents can be there for lifes challenges and guide your child through all of their life milestones. If in the event of a passing, non religious godparents can be made the legal guardians of your child, as per what you have set out in your last will and testament. The choice is between you and the potential godparents.

Do Godparents Have To Be Married?

Godparents do not have to be a married couple. It used to be recommended that the couple is married so they can help as a unit rather than individually with your child’s religious or moral needs. However, you can choose siblings, two different friends or a family member and a friend. You can choose a godparent from both sides of the family to honor each parent. Parents can edit this to look anyway they like and it is always best for the child.

We always recommend choosing people that you are close with and have not been friends for just a short time. Secondly, we recommend close family members or the closest of friends so that it gives your child a chance to really know your godparents. If friends break up or family members stop speaking, usually the child has little to no contact with their godparents. Since a godparent is important to your family, choosing close family members or friends lessens the chance of this happening.

Can Someone Be A Godparent to More Than One Child?

Can you choose a godparent who is already a godparent? Is it possible for a godparent to have more than one godchild? The short answer is absolutely. A godparent can have multiple godchildren if they want to. It is up to them how many they would love to accept in their lives. A godparent can have just one special child or many special godchildren from different families. Godparents should make sure that they can take on the responsibility of multiple godchildren. Godparents should also make sure that they understand and accept expectations of being a godparent and make sure that their expectations are heard also.

I Have Multiples – Can They Have The Same Godparents?

Your multiples can definitely have the same godparents or different godparents if you like. It is up to you and your partner who you want to be the godparents for your children. You can have more than one godchild, so if the godparent is okay with it, you can do it or choose to have different ones!

How To Ask Someone To Be A Godparent

This is the fun part! You can just ask the potential godparents to be your child’s godparent in a loving way, sharing what you would expect. Or, you can make it extra special by asking them to be a godparent! We were inspired by these cute ideas. Be sure to like and follow all of these great businesses, brands and individuals!


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We love BPG Custom Designs and their fantastic idea to let someone know that they are going to be godparents. This is not only an excellent gift, but a definite keepsake!



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This post that was shared is a great way to give your child’s future godparent. It’s personalized and it is also something the godparent can use and treasure.

Examples Of Asking Someone To Be A Godparent

You have decided who will be the godparent do your child and now you are ready to ask them! How do you word this? We have some ideas and outlines that you could use. Here are some suggestions to keep it sentimental and sweet, but you can go any route as long as it matches the godparent’s style.

“We love you and we know you are will always be an important person in our lives, we want you to be one of the most important people in (our child’s) life too. Would you be the godparent to our little one?”

You can also have them open a gift that you have gotten them! Some examples include:

A Keychain

Customizable Picture of Your Baby

A picture frame

An ID bracelet

The Godparent Celebration

The godparent celebration is a great way to celebrate your child getting their lifetime godparents. You can honor those who have chosen to protect and love your child as if they were their own. A godparent celebration is celebrated in a Catholic ceremony during the baptism. The godparents are presented to the entire church and preform in a religious ceremony. Afterwards, along with the baptized child, they are honored by the family.

For those who are looking for a non religious ceremony, you can do a godparent party, godparent celebration or a godparent welcome, so both families and friends can get to know the people that are going to be the godparents. You could also do a nice dinner or luncheon with just the four of you or the godparents and both sides of your families. Whatever you decide, there are so many ways to celebrate your choice in godparents.

Choosing A Godparent For Your Child

Choosing a godparent for your child is a very important responsibility. Similarly, it does not have to be a hard choice to make. By choosing someone you love, that will love your child and guide them through out their lives will only enrich your child’s life. Having good communication with your potential godparents is key to begin the lifelong journey of godparent and godchildren.