4 Adorable Nursery Ideas For Your Little Boy


Nursery Ideas For Boys – When you find out that you’re having a baby boy, you might begin planning the nursery in colors of blue and white. While these colors are typical of a boy’s nursery, you can incorporate other fun colors and adorable designs that go against the traditional themes. If you begin with a theme that doesn’t necessarily fit with a newborn, it makes it easier to change the room once the baby gets older.


Animal Safari

Teddy bears are a common staple in a nursery, but you can take the animal theme a step farther with a complete safari. Walls of green with white or tan trim will make it feel like you’re in the wilderness. Add a few large stuffed animals in the corners of the room, such as a giraffe or an elephant. Use blankets, sheets and curtains that have animals on them along with a large rug that features one or two animals. You can also get a mobile, diaper stacker and other items that have safari animals on them to complete the room.


Driving Away

Most boys will enjoy playing with cars when they are older, so why not get them started early with a nursery that has a car theme. You can get parts from companies to give more of a realistic look to the room instead of getting plastic tools and accessories. A race car wallpaper design with a checkered floor makes this room stand out. You could also build a track around the wall so that the boy can play with his cars when he’s older. Attach various tools to one wall to make it look like a tool box or a garage.


Super Hero

Your baby boy is a super hero, so carry that feeling over to the nursery. Paint the walls blue with a white trim to look like the sky along with a cityscape of tall buildings. Spiderman can swing from one building to another while The Hulk shows off his muscles. Pillows that feature the various super heroes and a cubby that has boxes in the colors associated with the heroes is a good first step in making the room super.


Just Beaching It – Nursery Ideas For Boys Favorite

If you want more of a relaxing room, then consider a beach theme. Prop a surfboard in the corner with walls that are painted yellow or light blue. The floor can be tan to represent the sand. Add a few pails and shovels along with other toys that you would play with on the beach.


A baby boy brings joy to the room. The nursery is a place where you’ll spend a large amount of time, so you want a theme that is fun and bright. As the boy gets older, he will likely want something that suits his personality, so it’s best to find something that is fun when he’s a baby to make the transition easy.

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