Jumbo Stickers Little Hands Human Body

Jumbo Stickers Little Hands is a great way for the tiniest sticker lover to enjoy and learn from stickers. This brand has been famous for its inclusivity, its great way of incorporating fun and learning and its creative colorful stickers.  Jumbo Stickers Little Hands Human Body is a great way for your little ones to sticker away each scenario while learning all about the human body.

For All Ages

Whether your tiny tot is learning their body parts or your older one is looking to learn more about organs, muscles and the circulatory system, this sticker book is going to introduce the fascinating world of anatomy. This STEM friendly sticker book is jam packed with hours of sticking fun. Make this a family project where the entire family works page by page, learning about everything from the digestive system to the eyes, ears mouth and nose.

This sticker book is great for your youngest toddler who is interested in stickers. The big stickers make it easy for them to work on their fine motor skills. The stickers allow your little one to stick and re-stick again until they get the sticker in the perfect position. There are over 75 big stickers for your little one to learn about the human body.


Have your whole family work on each page. The little ones can work on the eyes, ears, nose and mouth while the older children can work on the circulatory system or the digestive system. Create a little lesson for each page and why each page is important to the human body.

TODDLERS- See if they can see, say, point and repeat each body part on the page and then on their own body. This type of identification will really help your child’s memorization skills. Secondly, it will help them to learn to communicate better. If they hurt themselves, it will be easier for them to communicate with you what hurts.

CHILDREN- Your child will learn to identify body parts on the outside and then learn how to identify body parts on the inside. This will really start teaching your child about anatomy and begin to dive more into biology and anatomy. They will learn so many different features they will have more questions. You may be inspiring a career in kinesiology, medicine, athletic therapy or more.

Your child will show so much interest from this fabulous book. They will be inspired.

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