Krista O’Hara calls her little clients her models. She is absolutely right. The smile on each parent’s face when they receive their very own hand crafted tutu for their child is what keeps Krista loving her business, Krista’s Tutus.

Located in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada,  Krista makes tutus from newborn to aged ten. The business is relatively new but Krista loves handcrafting each tutu as a way to earn extra income for the family and keep her busy.


She learned to make tutus the way many of us learn crafts recently, from youtube videos. She decided last fall that she should be a business owner. However, Krista was busy with three first of her own. She decided to use her girls as her models and create tutus for them. She posted them on her personal Facebook account and the response was overwhelming. Friends wanted to buy the tutus. Krista decided it was time to take her tutus into a small business.

krista 4

Unlike most entrepreneurs starting out, Krista’s first year was a good one. From birthdays to dance classes, from photography sessions to even creating clothing for dolls, Krista designed individual tutus for each of her little models. She even makes flowy flower girl dresses. She has four to make for one wedding in July alone.

Krista also creates tutus for fundraisers for local schools in the area to raise money. It is integral to give to charities that support children.

Though she does not deliver online yet, she will be looking into it as the demand of her business grows greater. Facebook her at Krista’s Tutus for more information!


            It is rare for any of us to find a job or career that we love. Owner Krista O’Hara at Krista’s Tutus has managed to do this while creating products that are individually handcrafted for her little models. What more can you ask for when you are in business doing something that you enjoy and brings happiness to others?


Facebook: Krista’s Tutus