The big day is swiftly approaching and you have everything under control. The nursery is finished, the baby clothes are in their drawers and you are ready to have a baby! However, babies do not usually come quickly, so parent’s stay overnight in the hospital! What should you bring for yourself and your support person in the hospital? The Baby Spot reminds new moms some of the important things to bring in this hospital check list!

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-maxi pads

-books, IPAD,

-Elastics- To tie your hair up during labour

-breast pads

-comfortable going home clothes- Your body has just gone through a major stress and you will want to be comfortable!


-a soother if you want your baby to use one.



-diapers- some hospitals do not provide diapers!

-two baby hats

-a “going home” outfit

-baby pajamas (a few pairs)

-diaper wipes


-snowsuit if your baby is born in the winter

-car seat! Babies cannot leave the hospital without one.

-Receiving blankets

-Burp cloths



-a watch

-health card, insurance information if applicable


-books, IPAD

-list of phone numbers to call

-camera, video recorder if desired

-pillow and blanket-you may be there for a while! Bring one for your Mom to be as well, just to ensure that she is comfortable.

-Ear plugs if you are sharing a room with other families

-some extra money







Stay tuned for our article: What to have prepared for a Home Birth!