Laurie Berkner has been entertaining families for years as a celebrated children’s recording artist. Her beautiful voice is clear and children just love to get up and dance to each of her songs. Parents will find themselves humming along to her music, as it can be addictive! Her music and brand is fun, exciting and safe for children to express themselves through the love of song and dance.


When we heard that Laurie had put out Laurie Berkner’s Favorite Classic Kids’ Songs, we were intrigued. There is no question that Laurie always  creating high quality, fun music. She always couples it with  a rhythm that allows children to dance and express themselves. This is such a gift for parents. Now she is paying homage to some of the classics, with a few surprises along the way.


Laurie is no stranger to children. After landing a preschool teaching job in the 1990s, Laurie wanted the children to listen. Giving instructions and speaking nicely to them was not helping these energetic preschoolers settle down. Laurie then decided the best way to teach, was to sing. The children listened. Fast forward years later, Laurie is a celebrated international children’s singer who is inspiring children everywhere with her new, timeless songs. She also has some incredible partners and is always giving back. It’s amazing how a kind, gesture of music can turn into a beautiful life long career for a talented singer.


Laurie Berkner’s Favorite Classic Kid’s Songs has some of your favorites, like “Over In The Meadow” and “There Were Five In The Bed”. Laurie is touching the hearts of parents and grandparents alike. Laurie believes that the classics should be shared with our modern children because they work. The rhythm, the music and the words attract children and what better than to pass on the gift of these songs to another generation to enjoy?

You may find a classic Laurie Berkner song there too! Leave a comment in the comment section below and tell us which one it is.

Get your children moving and singing along with Laurie Berkner today! Click here to purchase her album, Laurie Berkner ‘s Favorite Classic Kid’s Songs. Make sure to purchase her other music as well! When your children get a hold of this one, they will want more! Click here to see some of Laurie’s other celebrated albums.  Laurie’s music is great for the whole family! Whether you have an adorable infant you want to expose to music for the first time or an excited preschooler who is ready to sing and dance along, these albums are perfect for your family. Put your mind at ease and choose music that your whole family will love!