We Are One- How The World Adds Up Book Review

The beauty of the world is numbers. Math is everywhere and author Susan Hood knows that math is love. To inspire those STEM loving little ones to always love big and dream big, the book We Are One How The World Adds Up is here to inspire. From your toddler to your preteens, children will love to cuddle up and read this book again and again.

Using Math Concepts

This book will guarantee to expand the minds of your children and introduce early math concepts to the youngest of child. Math is everywhere! From the three important lines that make up a haiku to the ten years to form a decade of your life, everything is math, everything is love. Each page has a beautiful rhythmic poem for your children to enjoy. Below, for yourself and your older children, there are some great facts about the concept being addressed in each poem. Learn about the concept of ROY G BIV, snippets of Aristotle and others who have made our world THINK in bigger ways.

This book addresses sports, marriage, love and ties it into the greatest love of all, mathematical concepts.

What We Love

Author Susan Hood breaks down mathematical concepts and makes it easy for the smallest child to understand. We love that illustrator linda Yan compliments the text with these beautiful masterpieces that feel like they move from page to page. We love that math is introduced to children simply and wonderfully, using real world concepts to help them co-relate to equations.

The illustrator ensures that their are numbers floating from cover to page which we found to be beautiful.

This is a beautiful book by Candlewick Press is a fantastic one to add to your family library or your school library. Have your children learn that the world always adds up.

Extra Credit

Have your children write a poem about a mathematical concept and add a picture that shows a real life situation that can be applied to math. Bonus points if they can hide equations in their pictures!

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