Are you looking for a parenting book that is truthful, funny and tells it like it is? Because I Said So! Life In The Mom Zone by: Annie Oeth is a great way for a new parent or a parent to be to have a good laugh as you learn the ins and outs of parenting. More experienced parents will relate to all of the situations Annie highlights, so grab a drink and sit back, because this book will make you chuckle and talk about all of funny moments while raising a child.

Annie has three sons and one daughter so she knows the ins and outs of parenting! The book itself has five parts: Celebrations and Other Causes For Alarm, A Mississippi Mama, Growing Up, Home Sweet Home and Matters of The Heart.

We can all relate to those moments when our children question a decision we have made: “Because I said so” our answer spits out. We quickly look in the mirror and remember our parent’s uttering those words to us. Annie makes light of this and opens her home to us and shares some funny, raw and wonderful stories about her life and family.

This is a great book for fathers who want an insight into Motherhood or for anyone who wants a great book with a lesson or two. Annie is upbeat, witty and extremely positive about all of lives situations.

“You just play the hand you’re dealt the best way you know how.”

Even after she became a widow, her honesty and strength made this book show readers that even in the toughest times you will survive and even excel.

This book is for every parent who has been in the Mom or Dad zone; for everyone who has just tried to make this crazy thing called parenting work and giving their children the undivided love and life experiences that they deserve. Buy it here!