We were excited to try Look At Us Now! A Creative Family Journal.

Author Bernadette Noll designed a book for families of all ages and in all phases. Whether it is just you and a new baby or your children are adults, this book can be fun and get you and your family to reflect on those moments and get a great perspective of who each of you are alone and as a family. Noll attests that family is a moving target and therefore it is nice to touch base and fill out this wonderful book.

look at us now

What would we do if we had one thousand dollars to spend? What really surprised us this month? Our family dived into the triumphs and challenges of family life. A lot of it made us laugh (especially asking toddlers and young children to answer) but there was definitely a time of pause and reflection. We have had some good times and some hard times, even in recent months. This book really set up the stage of our family, today.

Filling out this journal was a memory in itself! We spared no time diving right in, after supper, outside in our backyard and more. We took it with us on a mini vacation and finally we filled it out. Now it does not sit on our bookshelf, but with our photo albums, as we believe it is a keepsake.

We loved Look At Us Now! A Creative Family Journal. We challenge all families to dive in and discover where your family is right now, what are your goals, priorities and everyday thoughts!