4 Reasons To Get Your Children Playing Outside Rather Than With Their Mobile Device

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It’s so important for parents to keep their children active. With today’s technologies, including mobile devices distracting our youth, it is integral for parents and schools to work together to encourage active play. Whether you are outside engaging in a sport or encouraging your children to play with toys instead of devices, parents must set an example for their children.

We came up with 4 great ways to encourage your kids to stay active, expand their imaginations and have fun without using mobile devices.

1. Sports– Having your child stay active for at least an hour and a half a day is one of the keys to optimal health. Playing a sport could be either on a competitive team or a “pick up” game between friends and family. It creates community, friendship, teamwork and most of all, gets your children out in the fresh air having fun. Try an array of sports and outdoor games. Make memories with your children by playing at least one sport game a week.

2. Play Toys With Your Kids!– Imagine that beautiful day where your children are bored. The temptation to pick up a video game or a mobile device is there! Why not play with your children by taking their toys outside? Manage your own pony farm or zip off into an adventurous search and rescue with a fire fighting helicopter. We enjoy Playmobil and their wide range of toys to entice imagination and engage in hours of fun. Your children will enjoy playing with their parents and having an adventure. Those dishes can wait, play with your kids!

3. Put on A Play– Have your children write a script, come up with characters and act out a play for you and your family! Your child’s creative juices will flow as they create their own puppets and props. Bonus points if you get them to go outside to look for items to use as a backdrop or to create their characters! Your children will learn how to interact with one another, leadership skills, cooperation and most of all, how to have fun! Just make sure to grab a healthy snack before curtain call!


4. Explore Your Community– Taking your children on a long walk in the forest or exploring the city streets and shops is a great way to get out as a family and get moving! Have your children plan a healthy lunch and set up a picnic in a public park. Afraid of your children cooking? You should see this tiny Chef who makes great meals for families on the go. Your children will learn all about their community and be able to interact with the people in it.

Life outside of technology does not have to be difficult! Children can benefit being off their video games and mobile devices. Instead, show your children how to be leaders in their community by involving them in that community with these four easy tips.