Make Your Mark Gallery

It is time for your child’s creativity to soar with Make Your Mark Gallery! This is a coloring book…ish! Candlewick Press presents a book where your child is the artist and can get inspired. From Peter H. Reynolds the creator of THE DOT, your child will have over 40 fun pages to color and share!

It’s A Coloring Book and So Much More!

Yes, this is a coloring book but it is also so much more. This coloring book-ish is full of over 40 different frames. Like browsing an art gallery, your child can fill in each framed picture with their very own drawings. Let your child lead with their creativity and perfect their artistic vision. Each frame is different so you can expect many unique paintings and portraits. Here is what we are most excited about! Once the art piece is finished, simply tear it out along the perforated edge and your child can give it away as a gift or even display it on the wall or refrigerator.

How It Works

Have your child pick a page and color what they love into the frame. The frames are all different and can be colored also. Some frames may have a drawing or an abstract line for your child to start with and continue the way they like. Your child can fill in the Artist, Date and title of Work to show off their masterpiece. The pages then tear out so your child can put their artwork on display!

Your child can give their art away as a gift or display it in the house.


Create a mural or a mosaic of all of the artwork on a spare wall on in your child’s bedroom. This will be a sense of pride for your little one and inspire even more creative ideas!

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