A Boy and a giraffe do everything together! Their imaginations run wild in the Twins Book. They are the best of friends. However, being a twin does have its ups and downs. From major adventures to major disagreements, these twins go through life together living, laughing and loving. In the end, it is all going to be okay in this new wonderful book for children.

Written For Twins By A Twin Dad

Author Mike Ciccotello is no stranger to the life and love of twins. As a father of fraternal twins himself, Ciccotello knows what it is like to see the sly, the silly and the unbreakable bond between twins.

About Giraffe and The Boy

They may be twins and are similar in some ways  and do so much differently, but these two little ones are on a mission to explore. They explore the world of twinship, seeing the world so differently but sharing a bond that is like no other. The giraffe and the boy get into a bit of a fight, will they be able to work their differences out?

Macmillan Kids has picked a real winner with this book. It teaches children that despite differences, you can remain the best of friends and close like brothers.

Extra Credit

Ask your child to draw their best friend. Then, ask them to divide the picture right down the middle. Write down what your child and their best friend’s similarities are and on the other side, what their differences are. Despite differences, this will show your child how they can have many different friends with different likes and dislikes. As The Baby Spot’s motto is, we celebrate the similiarities and embrace the differences.

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