Max is a Rottweiler who decides to go where no dog (or human for that matter) has gone before! He goes to Mars!

Max Goes to Mars by Jeffery Bennett is an exciting book full of educational facts about the red planet for your children to be educated and enjoy this fun story! It’s Max’s job to sniff out microscopic life . Both children and parents alike will walk away learning the latest information about Mars. A copy of this book is currently orbiting Earth from the International Space Station. Astronauts read this book as a part of the STEM literacy program (Story Time From Space).


What we love: -children are curious about the world and the universe around them. This book gives a delightful fictional but fact filled story about Mars. It helps get those minds racing to answer even more questions and get your children interested in NASA and all of its accomplishments and future endeavors.

The bright illustrations are attractive to both children and adults. It really makes you get a feel of what Mars would be like for our favorite Rottweiler.

Its perfect reviews speak for itself! Get your sons and daughters interested in our neighboring planet today!

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