Deirdre Meaning, Origin and Middle Name Ideas

Deirdre is a beautiful girl’s name but it is also pretty rare. Many families are looking for unique baby girl names and Deidre is a perfect choice. Find out the meaning of Deirdre, the origin and some great nickname and middle name suggestions for this classic name.

Meaning of Deirdre

What is the meaning of Deirdre? Deidre has a surprising meaning. The name comes from a Gaelic origin and it means ” one who is broken hearted” or “filled with sorrow”. Deidre is also associated with absolute beauty. Based on Irish mythology, the beautiful Deidre is spoken of widely in folklore. There was even a play about Deidre’s story created in 1909.

Different Ways To Spell Deirdre

The name Deirdre has some different spellings. Choose the one that is best for you and your family! Here are some of our favorite alternative spellings for Deirdre.

Deidre- Close to the original but with the first “r” dropped.

Dirdra- A new way to spell a classic name.

Deerdra- An easier to pronounce spelling of the original name.

Derdra- An easier way to spell the original name.

Dirdra- Using an I for that “ih” sound instead of an “e”.

Dierdra- A neat spelling for this classic name.

Is Deirdre A Popular Name?

According to statistics of baby girl names, Dierdre is a rare name these days. It does not even make the top one thousand list of baby girls names in the United States.

Rare names are great for your children and give them a unique flare from the moment that they are born!

 Best Deidre Nicknames

This beautiful name will have a lot of great nicknames that you can use. Here are the best Deidre nicknames that you and your family are going to love:

Dee Dee- Cute and easy to say!

Dee- A short one syllabled nickname that will make everyone smile.

Deer- After the elegant animal.

Dear- A cute play on a “beloved” nickname.

Dre- Fun and trendy.

Dra- A quick name friends can say.

Di- A cute nickname that is one syllable.

Idie- A sweet nickname

Ida- An older name that is made into a nickname.

Ree- A cute name that is easy to remember.

RaRa- A happy, peppy nickname for your little girl.

Names That Are Similar To Dierdre

Are you looking for a similar name to Dierdre? There are many ideas that sound similar or have similar meanings but are unique in their own way. Here are some names that are similar to Dierdre

Deidre- This slight variation takes out the first “r” and makes it easier to pronounce.

Dolores- This is a classic old name that needs a revival! This could be a name that starts to climb in popularity in a few short years.

Dionna- A beautiful D name that is unique and will make heads turn.

Diana- A Classic regal name that is popular and everyone loves.

Famous People With The Name Deirdre

There are not many famous or notable people with the name Deirdre, but the ones that are have made an impression on their fans and audience! These names are similar to Dierdre. Here are some famous and notable people with this special rare name:

The Beauty Queen

Deidre Downs- This beauty was named appropriately! She was Miss America in 2005.

The Writer

Deidre Sanders- This Deirdre is a writer and had a notable column ( Dear Dierdre) in The Sun newspaper. Many people sought out insight and advice for everyday problems and challenges.

The Story

Dierdre- Known well as a beauty in Gaelic folktales and mythology. Dierdre was known as the most beautiful girl in all of Ireland.

The Best Middle Names For Dierdre

Dierdre is an old, classic girls name. However, it allows a middle name that is either classic or trendy. Here are a few of the best middle names for Deirdre that will inspire you.

Deirdre Brooke- Using a classic water name with a beautiful name gives a flowy feeling when we hear of Deirdre Brooke.

Dierdre Anne- This classic name with an E at the end or just spelled “Ann” works perfectly. This is especially great to use if the name Anne (or Ann) runs in your family. It would be a great way to pay homage to a family member.

Dierdre Laurel- This strong girls name brings even more poise to the classic name Dierdre.

The Modern Name

Dierdre Alexis- Another strong girls name that is contemporary to compliment the classic Deirdre.

Dierdre Fiona- The name Fiona softens the strong name of Dierdra. Fiona is a beloved and classic name as well so this pairing is right.

Dierdre Catharine- This classic regal name matches with Dierdre properly. Other alternatives to Catharine include but are not limited to:




Dierdre Skye- (Or alternatively Sky) This cool and contemporary middle name is a great coupled with this beautiful and classic first name.

Dierdre Madison- This popular middle name is a great compliment to this classic name. Alternative spellings to Madison include


These are just some of the many beautiful middle names for Dierdre. Here are some popular names for girls that can inspire you to find the perfect middle name.

Meaning of Deirdre

We hope that this information has helped you choose Deirdre for a baby name! From the meaning of Deirdre to its origins, great nicknames, popularity and fantastic middle name pairings, you have a beautiful name for your little girl.