Meet The Matzah A Passover Story

Passover is such an important time of year. We are always looking for great Passover books for our children and Meet The Matzah filled our cup.

Alfie Koman is a sweet little unleavened bread who is kind, gentle, thoughtful and very scared! When being in Mrs. Crust’s class, each little bread talks about the stories behind their favorite holidays. Alfie wants to tell the truth about Passover. But big bully Loaf wants to tell the story of Passover, his way. Loaf paints a story with a lot of sensationalism. Will Alfie get hte courage to tell the class the real story of Passover or will Loaf take the class on a sensationalized journey of this very important story?

Confronting Your Fears

This book by Viking has children learning about problematic bullies and fears. We love that Meet the Matzah has children confronting their biggest fears and working through them, their way. Your history is so important and it teaches children to pass down those important stories to their families and others.

Addresses Bullying

Unfortunately, many children will encounter people who try to put them in a box and tell them who they are. This book gives your child the confidence to be authentically themselves. Author Alan Silberberg writes a fantastic story that teaches children to stand up for themselves in a way that is authentic to them. This deep book is also a fun read. Our toddler and our child could not put it down!


Have your children create another character for Mrs. Crust’s classroom. It has to be another bread piece! Have them design the character, write a brief description of the character and tell their story that they want to share in front of the class.

Ask your children how they would handle a bully trying to tell their story. Have they every encountered something similar? This makes a great conversation with the entire family.

For a book that will become an important and exciting read every Passover, Meet the Matzah is already one of our favorites.

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