Midwives Brew- When you’re nine months pregnant and you are overdue, each hour can be strenuous. You feel tired all of the time and achy. Some people have very hard physical challenges that can end with birth. To top it all off, you just want to go into labor and hold your baby. Some people recommend a drink called midwives brew which is known to induce labor. We will dive in on midwives brew is, the ingredients, if its safe, a recipe and so much more in this post!

What Is Midwives Brew?

A midwives brew is a drink that you can ingest that is a natural way of inducing labor. It is made with natural products and it is said to bring on a quick and natural labor. Midwives brew is something that you can make with ingredients right in your own home. It takes only minutes to make. However, before taking anything or making midwives brew, be sure to consult a doctor. Be sure to list the ingredients that are in your midwives brew before you test it out.

Secondly, you must not take midwives brew before your entire pregnancy gestation period is up. You do not want to induce labor early as babies that are born prematurely suffer from many complications that can cause challenges through out their entire life. A doctor will be able to help you make this important decision.

What Is The Success Rate?

If you have been carrying your baby for nine months, you can feel that you are done. Your body aches, you are not sleeping well but always tired. You just want to give birth so you can begin your journey with parenthood. Midwives brew according to many people who have tried it has approximately 80-85% success rate. That means it does not work for everyone but works most of the time! With doctors approval, it is worth giving it a try if it means inducing labor safely.

Many people report that they go into labor just a few after consuming the brew and they dilate three to four centimeters! Many people also report having a fast labor as well.

Midwives Brew Ingredients

When you are very pregnant, you do not want to search all over grocery stores for your ingredients.The ingredients may surprise you because you have most of them right in your own home or at the same grocery store! The ingredients for midwives brew are:

castor oil

lemon verbena essential oil or tea

apricot juice

almond butter

The castor oil acts as a laxative and it is the active ingredient in this brew. This means its the ingredient that makes the midwives brew work. The Almond oil or tea is helpful. Since castor oil acts as a laxative, you can experience diarrhea. Many report that the ingredients with almonds help bond your poop, lessening the chances of you having diarrhea.

Never increase the amount of castor oil. Castor oil is not good in higher doses for the body and should not be increased ever. Talk to your doctor before trying anything with castor oil.

Midwives Brew Recipe

This recipe is used by some midwives to induce labor. You cannot use this recipe before 40 weeks. A child needs to be in your womb to fully develop. Children who are born before full term can risk challenges during and after birth. These can be temporary or permanent problems. For more information about this and this recipe, speak to your doctor first.

Reminder: Be sure to consume this brew on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Many people swear it works best without any other food in your stomach. That does not mean if you have had it at another time during the day it won’t work, it just means that this is your best chance.

  1. Fill your kettle with 250ml/ 8 oz of water. It is time to brew your lemon verbena tea.

2. Let your tea steep for at least five minutes.

3. Add 2 tablespoons of castor oil to the brew.

4. Add 2 tablespoons of almond butter

5. Add 300 ml/10 0z of apricot juice

Mix well together, stirring for five minutes. This is best to take first thing in the morning. Do not take this multiple times a day. Wait at least two full days before trying again. You may experience cramping and nausea a few minutes to a few hours after consuming the brew. Make sure that you are not doing too much that day so you can rest through the cramps and feeling ill.

Many people say it helps them dilate a few centimeters in the next 24 hours and that their minor cramps eventually turn into contractions.


Make sure to talk to your doctor before trying midwives brew. Do not take this if you have any allergies to the ingredients. Be sure to not take this before 40 weeks. You want to make sure that your baby can go full term. Many people feel nauseous after taking midwives brew.

Remember to heed the warnings about excessive castor oil use.

Side Effects

There are side effects that people have after consuming midwives brew. Here are a few of the more common ones that you should be aware of before consuming it.

Nausea- Almost everyone who consumes Midwives brew experience some level of nausea. It can vary depending on the person. Make sure you are not running errands on the day you consume your brew as you may feel ill.

Cramping- The castor oil can make your uterus contract so cramping is a normal feeling. Call the hospital or your doctor or the hospital if you think that the cramping pain is getting too painful.

Vomiting – Some people who take the brew feel so ill they vomit. You do not want to be dehydrated. Lie down and have your partner take care of you. If vomiting persists or you can’t keep any food or water down, go to the hospital immediately.

Why Induce Labor

There are many reasons why people would want to induce labor. Firstly, they may be having physical challenges that is so hard to function. Sciatica, a disease, preeclampsia or chronic pain can be so difficult with a pregnancy. Coupled with a body that is in its final month in pregnancy, the whole thing can be taxing.

Similarly, mental health can be taking a toll. Whether there are past problems, anxiety, panic or life challenges that are affecting the late time in your pregnancy, it can be challenging.

Lastly, babies are not always ready to come out at 40 weeks. In the past, people can go over two weeks passed their due date. There are state, provincial and federal laws (depending on what country you live in) that do not allow you to have an overdue baby that goes weeks long. Also, it is dangerous for the baby,

People are looking to induce labor because of physical challenges, mental health challenges or to keep themselves and their baby healthy. With a strong health care team that is on your babies and your side, you can make decisions that can help give you relief and protect your baby.

Midwives Brew Recipe Without Castor Oil

Many people have sworn by this brew but wonder if there is an alternative to castor oil. Some people have said to have used coconut oil but not to the same effect. Castor oil is the active ingredient to this recipe. It causes your body to have light contractions, which can bring on labor. At this time, we have not found a suitable alternative to castor oil. We would recommend talking to your doctor about castor oil, midwives brew and alternatives.

Can I Take Midwives Brew at 37 Weeks?

Many people are tired in their final trimester. They have been through the ups and downs of pregnancy. Now, they are tried. They may be experiencing heart burn, sciatica and so much more. Mentally it can be exhausting. You just want this baby out! However, the baby has other plans. You may be experiencing health challenges which can scare you about you and your babies health. Midwives brew and its success rate never looked more tempting. A bit of cramping and nausea can be a small price to pay if it means having your baby in your arms.

However, no one should consider this until your baby is 40 weeks in gestation. Babies can have complications and need their full time to be in the womb. If they are born early, they can suffer complications. These complications can be temporary but others can be permanent. A baby who is born early can suffer from:


Hearing Problems

Motor Problems

They May Not Be Able To Latch on breast or on a bottle


Some of the more harsher problems could be:

Breathing problems

Heart problems

Severe Jaundice

They may require surgery

and many more possible outcomes and side effects.

We want to give your baby the best chance at life and waiting until your 40th week is essential that we are providing only the best chance for baby. Having a health care team in your corner is great to discuss what can be done and when you can try to naturally induce labor.

When Labor Starts…

When your labor starts, it means that it is time to call your midwife and/or go to the hospital. You can get some yummy snacks in the hospital for your partner and have some for yourself after your birth. Don’t forget your hospital bag! We have a printable checklist for your hospital bag.

Alternatives To Midwives Brew

If you are considering an alternative to midwives brew, there are a few ideas that some people have said would help. Here are a few of those ideas.

Warm Bath- A nice warm bath (not a hot one) can give you relief and help you relax and could start labor. Your body is relaxed and ready to accept the next stage of pregnancy, giving birth!

Spicy Food- Hot and delicious food has helped bring on labor according to a lot of people!

Toasted Onion sandwich – This has been a popular old wives tale that never goes away, because many people have said it works within an hour of having it at full term!

Have Sex- Some people swear on having a romantic time with your partner may induce labor. This can be a tiring one for many who are feeling overwhelmed with exhaustion.

These are just a few of the many alternatives to castor oil that may help induce labor in a timely matter!

Studies About Castor Oil

Studies do not conclude that midwives brew works. There are a few studies that have been done about whether or not castor oil helps induce labor. In 2013, it was concluded that more evidence was needed after a study was done of over 300 women consuming castor oil. There have not been enough studies to support or not support castor oil to induce labor. There are many reasons why there are not enough studies. These reasons can include but are not limited to not experimenting on fetuses with their parents and put anyone at risk. With more research, we may be able to find out if castor oil in small doses is a safe way to induce labor.

Midwives Brew

Being pregnant isn’t easy. We have to acknowledge that for many women it is very difficult to go through a pregnancy. When you are at 40 weeks, you may want something that can naturally enhance labor. After speaking to your doctor, this brew may help you induce labor and have your baby in your arms. You will be able to begin your recovery and start your new life as a family with a new baby.

Do you want to learn more about all things pregnancy? For more information about pregnancy and how to make your life easier and your babies life the safest possible, you have to check out our pregnancy section.