My First Origami Fairy Tales

Knights, dragons, princess’s ogres and so much more! My First Origami Fairy Tales takes the art of origami and storytelling and gives your children hours of play and imagination!

 Learning Origami

Tuttle Publishing’s Origami its are one of a kind. Not only do they teach you about origami slowly with their step by step instructions, but they give you beautiful folding sheets of papers. My First Origami Fairy Tales is the perfect way to introduce your child into a beautiful world of fairy tales and origami.

Each origami piece is a part of the story! With 14 models and 26 beautiful folding sheets, there is hours of fun! Enjoy befriending fierce dragons or challenge your knights or defend your castle. The whimsical stickers can be added to your models for an extra effect. There are two generous sticker sheets of 85 stickers in total!  There six beautiful story backdrops that really help set the scene for your child’s story. From a ship to a castle to a cottage nestled safely in the forest, your child’s origami fairy tale characters are guaranteed many epic adventures.

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Created By a Bestselling Origami Artist

Bestselling origami artist Joel Stern has created this amazing new kit to not only keep your child’s imagination engaged for hours but also to promote play that is not in front of a computer screen.

He also ensures that the instructions are easy to follow. Additionally, the origami fairy tale characters are easy to play with to tell stories. Act out some of the classics or encourage your children to create their own stories! Either way, this is going to be an adventure from set up to play time.

What an incredible opportunity for your children to create origami art from a kit created by one of the best.

Why We Love My First Origami Fairy Tales Kit

We love that it is hours of fun and promotes imagination and interaction. This means more time without your children in front of a screen.

It was created by bestselling origami artists Joel Stern so your child is learning from the best. The easy to understand step by step instructions are fun and engaging for your child.

The folding paper is beautiful and each character is detailed and intriguing. After the scene is set and each character is folded, the real fun can begin! It was a hard choice but our personal favorite is the gnome and the ogre. We have never seen any origami character quite like those two!

Turn off the TV, the phones and the screens and do something! My First Origami Fairy Tales Kit is going to not only be hours and hours of fun, but create memories that are going to last a lifetime with My First Origami Fairy Tales.