Origami Fish and Other Sea Creatures Review

If you are looking for a family project that is not only going to teach a whole new skill set to your child but make life long memories, than you have to have your children check out Origami Fish and Other Sea Creatures!

When Tuttle Publishing gave us this Origami fish we were so impressed with how much was offered in this package! Your family can create their own school of fish with over 20 original origami projects! Our family decided to use the 60 beautiful papers and create our own school of fish that we would proudly display somehow in the future in the basement! It helps children learn more about decorating and most of all, the fine art of origami.

Thanks to world renowned origami artist Nick Robinson, we get to feel like we are expert origami artists! We love that the papers are two sided so it brings a beautiful dramatic effect to the fish.

Trying Origami For The First Time?

Now, don’t be intimidated! We can be slow learners when it comes to the art of folding. We really need an easy step by step visual guide when creating this underwater masterpieces. Thankfully, Tuttle Publishing has us in mind and has easy to understand step by step guide. There is also a step by step online video with folding instructions that are so easy for your kids and yourself!

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The 64 page instruction book leaves out no details so even the novice origami folder will have no problem understanding each fold to create the perfect fish. Your children will learn patience, precision and have a whole new outlook for the art that is origami! If you want to contribute something to your child’s classroom, simply buy this box set and each child can create one or two fish for art class and proudly display them.

Origami Gift For Everyone

This is a fun project that you can keep coming back to with your kids time and time again and you can take your origami pieces and give them as gifts to your friends or family or even create a decorative art piece like we are going to do!

Whether it is for school, home or a gift for family or friends, the Origami Fish and Other Sea Creatures is the perfect find for any family looking to be creative and create memories.