Praise, Praise, Praise My Baby!


As moms are first words to our child when they do something is “good job!” We just can’t help it. When they hold their head up or roll over, we are just so proud! And please praise away! Praising is a very valuable thing for you and your child. But how will they know what they are being praised for? If we keep on saying “good job” it loses its value eventually, but if we praise the action such as “good job drawing that blue circle,” the praise becomes much more valuable and even makes your little one feel more accomplished. Being specific when praising your child has been proven in many studies to make your child succeed in whatever they do in life more. Why, because you are praising their intelligence, action and the process not just making a general statement. So keep on praising, praise praise away!!! Praise the Action, Praise the Process and Praise the intelligence!

Happy Praising!