Author Leona Koehn Nichols takes us on an incredible journey into the Holdeman Mennonite community where she shares her life. Parents looking for an interesting read who are Christian would be interested in this book!

Leona was baptized in her church at ten years old and married a ministers son years later. They started a family and as her six children grew, so did questions. Questions conflicted with the church and Leona must struggle with her faith and her heart. We are so moved by Leona’s courage and honesty. We felt that this book was more like a friend talking to us, that’s why she is such a great writer.

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There are so many people who have struggled with excommunication from their respective religions. To leave the only world you know is terrifying but so many individuals from many different faiths from around the world experience this isolation and fear everyday. Leona handles her challenges with such class and grace, her kindness is infectious.

We were touched with Leona’s honesty and open heart when she wrote this book. She allowed us to peer into her life in the Mennonite community. She is tasteful, tactful and respectful of the place she came from, but expressed her feelings of questions and looking for answers as such a young age. We believe that this will give all parents insight that their children are very much aware of their surroundings and their developing minds will ask questions based on what they are interpreting their life to be. Leona bares such a raw, honest approach about being excommunicated but still keeping a relationship with her personal faith. We are touched by this book and parents of all faiths will learn and possibly relate to Leona’s challenges and eventually coming to peace as she moved from legalism to Grace.