The relationship that children can have with music can be one of the most enlightening connections of their lifetime. Music can bond, relax, tend to and help any individual that seeks its melody. Why not start your children off with the best, by listening to J Cohen Music? We have and we are touched.

justin cohen

The Cohen Family, Fall 2014. Photograph by Brooke Brown.


This father of three plays relaxing and moving lullabies to lull babies, toddlers, children (and yes, parents!) with his wonderful soft piano playing. Whether it is to soothe a crying baby or to lull you to sleep after one of those “long nights” we all know so well, Justin Cohen puts parents and children at ease with his wonderful pieces.

Check out this sample!

With 9 songs for you to take your children to listen and wind down from the day or to play when you are just starting off your day, Piano Lullabies will set the tone and mood to your day or night.

We believe in the power of music, so make sure that your infants have a soft, and loveable music that they can learn and recognize. Teach your infant to love the power and peace of the piano!

Immerse yourself and your little ones in the peace, tranquility and beauty of these songs today by clicking here. A great way for parents and children alike to relax and bond through the beauty of J Cohen music!