What if your four year old could tell time in a fun and exciting way? VTech Watch has your answer! Get your child learning, having fun and moving around with this brand that we know you are going to love.

VeTch has a fantastic watch for kids and we are so excited to tell you about it! The Kididzoom smart watch DX2 is the smartest watch for kids. Teach your child about time and learn about the many cool features this watch has to offer.

Recommended for children ages 4 and up, this watch has so many exciting features that both your child and you will love! We decided to test this watch on our 5 year old. Who knew a child could have so much fun with a watch?

The Design of VTech Watch

The watch comes in many different colors and has a sleek, stylish design that you and your child will love. We have the purple smart watch and we love how nice it looks! It has adjustable backing so it can grow with our child. The time can be chosen either digitally or analog features. We think it’s important for children to learn both ways of telling time.

Motion Apps

The motion apps include an exciting motion controlled games and a pedometer for your active child. Your child will love the games and you will love that your little one is getting out and staying active!

Time Apps

You and your child can create a custom watch face and explore time concepts with a timer, alarm and calendar! There are more than 55 different digital and analog faces for your child to choose from.

It is so important for children to learn to tell time as young as possible. That way, they will understand routine and understand the timing behind daily routines.


Does your child want to find monsters in the real world with the Monster Catcher or how about playing some mini logic puzzles with Noodle Booster? You can download these and more from the Learning Lodge. Our little one loves Monster Catcher. Using the camera that creates an augmented reality, our little one had to find and capture monsters in the real world! This is a fun game that kept our child moving even on rainy days! Let’s just say during a rainstorm, Monsters invaded our house! Thankfully, our little one saved us, thanks to the Kidizoom Smart Watch DX2.

The 2 Cameras

This is going to really excite your child and bring out the budding photographer! The Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2 by VTech features two amazing cameras that allow your little one to capture anything from an amazing action video to a selfies! See the world from your child’s perspective as they photograph their family, friends and nature around them. We loved this feature as we learned that our little one loved photographing nature. From leaves to trees and the lake near our house, her pictures were impressive! She also loved taking pictures with family, our dogs and friends!

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Voice Recorder

Does your little one have a funny joke to say or something that they need to remember? Use the voice recorder for hours of fun and laughter.

What We Love

We want our child to be interested in so many different hobbies and your child can really enjoy photography from this watch. Taking pictures can help you as the parent see where your child’s interests are. You can download everything right onto your computer! But it’s about so much more, learning what your kid is interested in and guiding them! You may find a budding photographer on your hands! Not to mention, they will learn to tell time both by analog and digital methods and the many games are super fun and will keep your child busy! Most of all, your child will be staying active, using their pedometer and being able to monitor their steps. They will be staying active all year round!

Kidizoom Smart Watch

Kidizoom Smart Watch DX2 by VTech is exactly the type of gift for every occasion, whether it is for Christmas, a birthday or a ‘just because’ gift, we know your little one will love it as much as our little one does!

The Smart Watch is trendy, fun, educational and will provide endless entertainment for your child. Make sure this is at the TOP of your gift list!