The Joyful Universe of Casey Rose is a delightful tale that inspires and teaches toddlers to channel their inner happy to to turn that frown upside down in this relateable, easy to understand story.


Casey Rose is an adorable little tot who takes a rainy day as a time for indoor play. She jumps, runs and bounces around the house, enjoying every moment until she bumps her head.  Casey feels the tears welling up in her eyes when her dear friend Joybug appears to guide her down a path of turning her “ouch into something bolder.”


Joybug gives Casey (and parents!) some healthy alternatives to crying, sulking or a tantrum. Singing, distraction and visualizing more happier thoughts, Joybug guides Casey back to her happy place.


casey rose

We love that the book has a journal at the back for children (and parents for those children who are verbal but not writing just yet) to write down all of their happy thoughts and feelings.

We also love that Author Joanne Henig does a great job of guiding toddlers and young children to think in a more positive manner. The story is written so that children have the tools to deal with emotions that to them can seem complex. A positive attitude is a best friend through out life and the earlier a child learns this, the better. Illustrator Abira Das has beautiful illustrations that compliment the story so well. You can see your own child in Casey.


Parents and children alike can learn the moral which lies in this story. You hold the key to your own happiness. This wonderful story teaches that to our children. If our children can learn this at a young age, the world is certainly in the palm of their hands.


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