Exotic Names For Boys – Many parents stick with traditional names, more and more parents are looking for something different, exotic baby names for boys.

These cute unusual boy names are guaranteed to get you thinking and planning your baby boy’s name. Our baby boy’s names and meanings will help you choose the perfect name for your son. These exotic boy names will give you the origin, meanings and spellings so you can make the best choice.

Check out these slightly unusual boy names and uncommon boy names that are guaranteed to get your baby naming ideas going!

What Parents Are Looking For in a Exotic Boy Name

Parents are looking for an uncommon boy name that is a tough baby boy name or a unique baby boy name that is going to suit their little baby. Some parents like to look for the following qualities:

How Many Syllables Should The Name Have?

One-syllable baby boy names (they want something short, sweet and easy to pronounce) are a favorite currently with families. However, two syllables or more sounds wonderful as well. Parents may be interested in pairing a short first name with a long middle name (or vice versa). Our top advice is not to count your syllables but to say the name out loud and to “wear it” for a week or so before making a final decision.

What Middle Name Will Match and Exotic Boy Name?

Should you stick with a traditional middle name or should you come up with an equally exotic middle name? Parents often ask if the middle name should be short and sweet or long? Could there be more than one middle name? We try to give subtle suggestions depending on the name what can sound great and what can work. These are just suggestions and whatever you come up with will be perfect.

The Origin of the Baby Name

Many parents want to know where the baby name is from and what the baby name means. If the name is hard to pronounce, we have included a video on how to pronounce it or we have spelled it out phonetically so you can be sure this is the perfect baby boy name for you.

What are some unique exotic boy names with meanings and origins

  1. Keanu – Hawaiian origin meaning “cool breeze over the mountains”
  2. Zephyr – Greek origin meaning “west wind”
  3. Taj – Persian origin meaning “crown”
  4. Elio – Italian and Spanish origin meaning “sun”
  5. Arvid – Scandinavian origin meaning “eagle tree”
  6. Adriel – Hebrew origin meaning “flock of God”
  7. Ishaan – Sanskrit origin meaning “sun”
  8. Lucian – Latin origin meaning “light”
  9. Naveen – Sanskrit origin meaning “new”
  10. Orion – Greek origin meaning “son of fire”
  11. Kai – Hawaiian origin meaning “sea”
  12. Phoenix – Greek origin meaning “reborn from ashes”
  13. Leif – Scandinavian origin meaning “heir” or “descendant”
  14. Matteo – Italian origin meaning “gift of God”
  15. Ren – Japanese origin meaning “lotus” or “love”.

These names are unique and have distinct meanings and origins, making them a great choice for parents looking for a less common name for their son.

What are some good exotic boy names

Here are some good exotic boy names that may inspire you: