Many parents stick with traditional names, more and more parents are looking for something different, exotic baby names for boys.

These cute unusual boy names are guaranteed to get you thinking and planning your baby boys name. Our baby boy names and meanings will help you choose the perfect name for your son. These exotic boy names will give you the origin, meanings and spellings so you can make the best choice.

Check out these slightly unusual boy names and uncommon boy names that are guaranteed to get your baby naming ideas going!

What Parents Are Looking For in a Exotic Boy Name

Parents are looking for a uncommon boy name that is a tough baby boy name or a unique baby boy name that is going to suit their little baby. Some parents like to look for the following qualities:

How Many Syllables Should The Name Have?

One syllable baby boy names (they want something short, sweet and easy to pronounce) are a favorite currently with families. However, two syllables or more sounds wonderful as well. Parents may be interested in pairing a short first name with a long middle name (or vice versa). Our top advice is not to count your syllables but to say the name out loud and to “wear it” for a week or so before making a final decision.

What Middle Name Will Match and Exotic Boy Name?

Should you stick with a traditional middle name or should you come up with an equally exotic middle name? Parents often ask if the middle name should be short and sweet or long? Could there be more than one middle name? We try to give subtle suggestions depending on the name what can sound great and what can work. These are just suggestions and whatever you come up with will be perfect.

The Origin of the Baby Name

Many parents want to know where the baby name is from and what the baby name means. If the name is hard to pronounce, we have included a video on how to pronounce it or we have spelled it out phonetically so you can be sure this is the perfect baby boy name for you.

What are some strong unique boy names?

We have the following names and meanings for each name and we also include its origins. It’s fun to trace what each name means and gives a little back story for the parents to make a final decision. Here is our exotic boys list:

Exotic Baby Names for Boys

Exotic boy names that start with A

Here are the top exotic boy names that start with A. These are great to help you go through your exotic names list.

Aarav- cute unusual boy names for babies

Aarav means a rustling sound and is a name that represents composure, someone who has an internal peace that can be admired. This is an Indian name. You can use a short or long middle name or just use a first and last name. Aarav is such a strong boy name, it can stand alone or be coupled with any name from any culture and sound great. This name is very popular in India, but in the western world, it is still an exotic, different baby name.

Asher- unusual Baby Names

Even though the Puritans are known to have the origins of Asher, The Bible made this a name that is known to Christians. The 8th son of Jacob had a good life, so this name is known for blessings and prosperity. This two syllable boy name is easy to pronounce, It sound the way it is spelled and can go with both a short and long middle name or stand alone.

Amedeo -Strong Italian Boy names

Amedeo is Italian name that is very popular in Italy but almost unknown in other parts of the world! It is also popular in Spain but is spelled ‘Amadeo’ instead. We love both spellings and the name means “lover of God” which is a perfect Christian name if you are looking for something to honor your religion.

exotic baby boy names

Adan- Spanish name for a boy

Speaking of Spanish names, we love Adan, which derives from the word “Earth”. Your “salt of the Earth” son’s name is easy to pronounce. You can have fun with a traditional middle name. We would also love this name with a long middle name. Adan is the perfect exotic baby boy name.

Adair Gaelic boy’s name

Adair is a beautiful Gaelic name. Whether you have the ancestral roots and want to give a nod to your heritage or you just love an exotic name, Adair is the name for you.

Depending on the accent, you can also pronounce it AY-dehr.

Andrey- Russian baby boy name

Andrey also means strong and manly, so if you are looking for a masculine baby boy name that is exotic, this is the name for you. This name is a great nod to Russian heritage or just a name that is different and strong.

Exotic Boy Names That Start With B

Here are the top exotic boy names that start with B. These exotic boy names rock!

Baingana- Ugandan boy name

If you are looking for an inspirational boy name that will be both unique and be impactful, consider Baingana. Meaning “all people are equal”, this boys name packs a punch and is a strong boy name for your son.

Bae Korean Boys Name

We love the name Bae. With Korean origin, you will love that it means “inspiration”. Your son is certainly inspiring! This name is one syllable, easy to pronounce and can be paired up with a middle name of any length or origin!

Beaumont- French boy names

Beaumont sounds exactly what it means, handsome! This name with a French base let’s everyone know your son is a handsome person, both inside and out! Beaumont would go great as a middle or first time. If you chose a first name, try to choose a short and strong middle name. Beaumont will be a perfect name for your child!

Bjorn Swedish Boy Names

Bjorn is more of a common boys name across Scandinavia, but is considered a rare baby name elsewhere. This name means “bear” which is a strong baby name. Kings, athletes and so many more notable people have the name Bjorn, so your son will be in good company with his exotic boy name!

Braxton- Unusual boy name

Though Braxton has been gaining popularity steadily for over 30 years, it is still an unusual boy name! It’s Old English origin makes it an interesting name, bu its meaning is actually “Brocks Town”. If you’re looking for an easy to pronounce unusual name, Braxton will be the perfect name for your son. No confusion about spelling but still a unique and interesting name.

Exotic Boy Names That Start With C

Check out the exotic boy names that start with C! This exotic names list will inspire you.

Cillian Irish Baby Boy Name

A popular name in Ireland, Cillian is making its rounds elsewhere, especially with countries that have an Irish ancestry or a larger Irish population.  We see it slowly creeping up especially in the United States. It means “war strife” which makes this a strong boy name!

Candan- Turkish boy name

Meaning “Sincerely”, Candan has not made its rounds across the world as a popular name, but it makes it a perfect opportunity for you to explore this handsome boy name. This name is easy to pronounce, spelled the way it sounds and would make a lovely addition for your son.

Corbett Latin baby boy names

Corbett is Latin for Raven and this is the perfect unique baby name. Bringing a handsome old name back to life! You will get so many compliments on your exotic baby name.

Cort- Old German Boy names

We are really excited about Cort. It means “bold” and is the ultimate strong boy name. Do you feel that your little boy has some spunk in your belly? This may be the perfect name for him! The name Cort is a one syllable name is perfect for your active little guy. Cort is an old German name that will be making new rounds soon!

Courtland- English baby names

Courtland means “dweller in the court” and packs a punch for a great baby boy name. This English name has not broken into the world for popular baby names so this is a perfect time to consider this unique baby name.

Cruz- Spanish Boy Name

This name is a unique boys name that has so much spunk to it, we know it will be a winner. Usually, Cruz is a last name of those with a Latinx descent, but Cruz is coming back in a first name form! Pronounce “cruise”, this name has a force behind it, making this a fun and strong boys name that you are going to love.

Exotic Boy Names That Start With D

Dag Norwegian Boy names

Dag is a cool slick name with a Norwegian origin. Meaning “Day” this one syllable boy name is easy to pronounce, rolls off of the tongue and can be coupled with a longer middle name. We love the simplicity of it and outside of Norway, the name is very rare.

Dagan Hebrew boy names

Dagan is a beautiful boy name. Meaning “grain”, this salt of the Earth name will bring a lot of life to your son. It is easy to pronounce and outside of Israel, it is still a rare boy name.

Dawud Arabic Boys Name

Dawud is a Arabic boys name that is rare boys name. Your son will be one in a million with this name that is handsome sounding.

We love the name Dakota. With a First Nations origin, this name means “friend”. Pronounced “Dah coat Ah” this name is fun and even though it is gaining in popularity, it is still a rare baby name.

Django Unique boy name

This is known to have started as a nick name for a Belgian guitarist but it is gaining steam. The”D” in Django is silent which makes a great conversation piece. This awesome name is the perfect baby boy name. It’s pretty likely that you will not meet another Django.

Exotic Boy Names That Start With E

Elio Italian and Spanish boys name

Elio is both Italian and Spanish boys name that is actually gaining popularity in France! This many not be an exotic name for long but Elio is full of light, fun and translates through to many different cultures. Consider Elio for your son before it gets too popular.

Elijah – Biblical boy name

Elijah is a strong boy name for babies. This Hebrew based name means Jehovah is God. This unique boy name is not only found in the Bible, but has significant meaning in the Christian community. Elijah is a strong boy name.

Erek Polish Boy names

Erek means lovable and this is the perfect name for your lovable baby boy! This name has a Polish origin and is perfect for those who want a unique Polish baby name. Whether you want to give a respectful nod to your Polish roots or you are just looking for an uncommon baby boy name, Erek will do the trick!

Essien African boy names

This African boy name means sixth born son, but you don’t have to have six children in order to use this name! It is a beautiful baby name and can be paired with both a long and short middle name!

Exotic Boy Names That Start With F

Fabiano Italian baby name

Fabiano has an Italian origin and this name actually originates from the Latin word “bean”. It has a great rhythm to it and is a normal name in Italian culture but has not made its round yet in other parts of the world, other than with families with an Italian descent.  It would make a great first name for any little boy.

Ferran Arabic Boy name

We love the name Ferran! This Arabic  based name means “baker” and is an easy to pronounce name. It is not popular in the Western world but because it has such a wonderful flow to it, it will be a hit for your son.

Finn- Norwegian boy names

Meaning “Laplander”, this fun and one syllable baby name is perfect for your little boy! Finn is a name that sounds great for a baby and grows with your son. Pair this name with a longer middle name and you have a great strong name.

Finley Irish boy names

Finley is an exciting name as it is a unisex baby name! This Irish name once was a sir name in Ireland but now has become a first name. We have seen singer Lisa Marie Presley name her child Finely and it is gaining in some popularity. This exotic baby name is perfect for your future son!

Forrest German boy name

Forrest is a beautiful name meaning “wood dweller”. This German based name is a strong name for your little boy. Forrest has the same pronounciation as “forest”. It is a strong name and would work great with a middle name that starts with a vowel.

Fyodor Russian baby boy names

Fyodor is a great name for any little boy. Its Russian origin tells us it means “God’s gift”. We also see many famous people with this name, including Fyodor Dostoyevsky, a famous novelist. We would rank this name up there with very powerful baby names. Let’s face it, a number of Russian tsars also took on the name Fyodor, making this a very powerful historical name!

Exotic Boy Names That Start With G

Gage- French Baby boy names

Gage is an old French name that is now on our radar! Meaning “pledge”, this name is a strong boy name that you are looking for! This one syllable name is perfect for a longer middle name and is easy  to pronounce “Gay JE”. Channel your French roots or use this name to honor your strong baby boy!

Gentry English boy names

Gentry has an English orgion and means “high social position”. This name saw the peak of its popularity in the 1880s and began to see growing popularity again in recent years. Gentry is a two syllable name that would go great with a one syllable middle name. This exotic boys name is will definitely turn heads!

Gerik Polish boy names

Gerik is a great name for a little boy. This has a Polish origin. It means “Prosperous Spearman” which is a powerful boy name. Pronounced GER ICK, your child will have a strong boy name with a very powerful meaning.

Gilbert Old French Baby Name

For those who are looking for a baby boy name that is unpopular, Gilbert is perfect! Gilbert has never been more UNPOPULAR so your child can have a unique boy name! Pronounced GIL BERT, this name has an old French origin. It means “bright promise” which is an optimistic name for your new baby. Gilbert saw its peak popularity about 130 years ago. We also see some people loving the name, especially Anne of Green Gables fans. However, if you are looking for a name that nobody has, that has a beautiful meaning and is clearly an exotic name, look no further than Gilbert.

Ginton Arabic Boy names

Ginton has an Arabic origin. This plant baby name means “A garden” which can say a lot about your baby. If you want a name that is powerful and gives a feeling that your child is eclectic and has a lot of interests. Ginton is a beautiful name, whether you are honoring your Arabic heritage or just looking for a handsome boy name!

Gottlieb German name

Gottlieb is a German name that we have seen both as first name and as a surname.  This name was popular in the 1880s and took a nosedive in 1920. It has never really rebounded. This German based name is perfect for parnets who are looking for a rare baby name that not many people will have! We have seen variations of this name all the way back to the 6th century which is incredible! If you are looking for that special unique name, Gottlieb is for you.

Gunther –Scandinavian boy name

Gunther is a name that you hear regularly in Scandinvian countries, but not so much outside. This can be an exotic boy name to others. Meaning “warrior”, this strong boy name is perfect for your little one!

Exotic Boy Names That Start With H

Hadi Arabic boy name

We love the name Hadi. This two syllable boy name is perfect for your little one. Meaning “Guide to the right”,  this powerful baby name has strong Arabic roots. Couple this name with a long middle name and you would have named your baby beautifully. Channel your Arabic roots or just share in the love of this amazing boy name.

Harith North African boy name

Harith is popular in North African countries, but we do not have it as popular through out the rest of the world. This is one of our favorite names because of its meaning: Cultivator. If you foresee your child being innovative, a nurturer, a child that will have big ideas and go to the beat of his own drum, Harith is the perfect name for your little boy!

Helaku Native American Name / First Nations Name

Do you feel that you have a boy with a sunny disposition? Choose Helaku, a Native American name that means sunny day! This sunny name is perfect for your happy baby boy and is also a rare baby name, so your baby will be a one in a million!

Hezekiah Hebrew Baby Names

Hezekiah is a boys name and has a really beautiful Hebrew origin. This name means “God gives me strength.” It was extremely popular in the 1880s and took a nosedive in the 1960s. In the last 20 years we have seen its strong reassurgence, seeing its peak in 2018 at the same levels it was at in 1880! This exotic baby name is making a strong comeback! Whether you are looking for a strong Biblical name or are looking for a unique boy name, this name is definitely for you.

Hume Scottish Boy Names

This Scottish name has become a rare baby name in the last one hundred years. This would be a perfect unique boy name. Hume is a one syllable boy name and has been almost non existant since 1915. We love this exotic boy name and it will be powerful for your child to have it. It is easy to pronounce, is great for a short or long middle name and rolls off of the tongue for many. Will you consider Hume for your baby?

Exotic Boy Names That Start With I

Ilias Latin baby Names

We love the name Ilias. Virtually unheard of for decades, we are seeing a resassurgence in this name recently! Ilias is a beautiful name which means “God’s gracious gift.” This three syllable name is perfect for any baby. Latin is the a dead language for all of the love languages so Ilias will definitely be a conversation starter.

Ignacio Latin Baby Name

Ignacio has a Latin origin and we just love this name. Meaning “the firey one” This name has both elegance and class and a little bit of fire! Ignacio  found its height popularity in the 1920s and now we see it as a very rare baby name. This is a perfect time to choose this beautiful name for your son.

Exotic Boy Names That Start With J

Jabari –Swahili /Arabic origin

This beautiful name has a rich history. Meaning brave in Swahili and ruler in Arabic, we see this name in many Arabic surnames and first names. This name is also gaining popularity in The United States. So many notable athletes, activists and artists have this name if you are looking for a notable namesake. A name both rich in character and history, it would be the perfect rare baby name for your child.

Jagger Old English Name

Jagger is considered a hipster name, but it is actually an Old English name! Meaning “a teamster,” Jagger is a fast, fun and light name that parnets love! It’s not as modern as people think having an old story, but Jagger is hip, fun and does have a new feeling.  A great two syllable name!

Javier French Baby Boy Names

This French name was derived from Janvier, or the French word for January. Javier is a strong French name for boys that would be great for any child. This French name is not popular outside of France but we can see it becoming more popular. Mix it with an English surname and you can have a very unique and exotic name for boys.

Jin- Chinese Boy Names

All that glitters is gold, especially Jin for a boy name. This Chinese boys name means “Gold”. Your child starts off life with a perfect name to represent him as he is as rare and as important as a piece of gold. This happy, light and bright name would be perfect for your child.

Jin Korean Boys Name

In Korean, Jin means “truth” which is a beautiful name for a boy. It is a perfect time to start a child’s life than to give them a name that is the moral basis of everything we seek. Truth. Choose Jin for your child’s name!

Judah Biblical Baby Names

Judah is a popular name through out the old testament. This name was always a rarer name since it 1900. There has been a surge in popularity in the last two years and we can see it continuing in popularity. This is still an exotic name for babies!

Exotic Boy Names That Begin With K

Kai- Hawaiian Baby Names

Kai is beautiful! This one syllable name means “sea” in Hawaiian. If you have a free spirit, Hawaiian heritage or are just looking for a cool and fun name, Kai is definitely for you.

Khari West African Names

Khari is a name that originates from West Africa that we have seen a surge in popularity in the last few years. This name means “ King” which is a powerful baby name. It is soaring in popularity and it may be a good time to consider this name for your future baby!

Kalman Hungarian Boy Name

Kalman is Hungarian for strong and manly, which is a strong boy name meaning. If you are looking for a rare name that has a strong meaning, this name will do the trick!

Kellar Old German Boy Name

Kellar is actually German for cellar and is an old German boy name. It took a bit of a plunge in the 1970s but has been climbing back into popularity.  It is a strong boys name that would be great for any little boy. Whether you have German roots or just love the name, this two syllable name can be paired with a long or a short middle name.

Kenan Hebrew Boy Names

Kenan is of Hebrew decent. This name was not popular until the last 10 years when it exploded! Meaning “aquire” we see Kenan as the great grandson of Adam in the Bible. It is also said that he was an ancestor for Mary, the mother of Jesus. This name has a lot of meaning. If you are looking for a rarer Christian name or an easy to pronounce name, Kenan or “KEE NAN” as it is pronounced, is the name ofr you!

Kennard English Boy Name

Kennard is an English boy name. This name means “strong” so this is a strong boy name if you are seeking something that is both exotic but packs a punch. Similarly, Kennard can have “Ken” as a nickname if you like. You can pair it with both a short or long middle name. This sturdy name is perfect for any boy!

Klay Old English Boys Name

What are strong and unique baby boy names? Klay of course! This Old English name actually means “clay.” Clay is something that is strong and that you can mold into something great. Therefore, this strong and unique boy name is perfect for your son!

Kintan Hindi Boy Names

Kintan is a Hindi name for “wearing a crown”. This strong and unique boy name is perfect for your little prince. This two syllable boy name is perfect for a boy who wants a name that literally means royalty.

Kiyoshi Japanese Boy Names

Kiyoshi sounds like a fun and exciting name but it actually is Japanese for “Quiet”. Quiet people are not necessarily timid, shy or scared. The majority of silent people are strong, observant and leaders in their own rite. With that being said, Kiyoshi is a noble and classy name for any boy. It is a popular name in Japan but virtually unknown elsewhere. Consider this rare boy name for your son!

Kontar Ghanese Boy Name

Kontar is a Ghanese name that means “only child”. This regal name is not popular around the world and makes the perfect exotic boy name. This two syllable name is a strong boy name for any little one. Consider Kontar for your son!

Exotic Boy Names That Start With L

Lander Greek Boy Names

Lander is a great Greek boy name! This name means “lion man” so Lander is a strong boy name that is going bring a feeling of leadership and security. This two syllable name is for any parents who are looking for a strong and fearless name for their son.

Lennox Gaelic Boy Names

Lennox is a Gaelic name that means “Elm Grove”. This plant boy name is perfect for your little one. Lennox is a powerful Scottish surname but is also used as a first name. We love the name Lennox and how it just rolls off of the tongue. Whether you are honoring your Scottish heritage or just loving the flow of Lennox, consider this Gaelic name for your son!

Leyton Old English Name

Leyton has an old English origin and means meadow settlement. This beautiful boy name is rather popular now, but it was not always like this. It only started to climb in the 1990s and even in the 1960s, it had a mild popularity. Leyton is a great outdoorsy name and will be a perfect fit for your family!

Lisandro Greek boy Name

Lisandro is a great Greek boy name. It’s meaning is “Liberator.” If you are looking for strong leader names, Lisandro is it! It has steadily been gaining popularity since the 1970s and has had a slow growth. Pronounced “Liss AHN DROW” this name commands respect and authority.

Lunt Scandinavian Boy Name

Lunt means “from the grove” and is a powerful Scandinavian name. Whether you are a family looking for outdoors names, plant names or exotic names, Lunt is that one syllable name that will be the perfect decision for your little boy.

Exotic Boy Names That Start With M

Malachi Hebrew Boy Names

Malachi is not only a Hebrew boy name, but also honors one of the Hebrew prophets from the Old Testament. We watch as Malachi transitioned into Europe and became rather popular amongst the Irish. We see many actors boasting the name Malachi. Pronounced Mal Ah KEY, this name is a perfect three syllabled name for your son.

Magnus Latin Boy Names

Magnus means “large” in Latin. If you want to name your child something that is larger than life, this is a baby name that makes a statement! This strong name is not only rare but carries a lot of weight. Consider Magnus for your son’s name!

Manco Peruvian Boy Names

If you are looking for a name that is fit for a king, look no further than Manco! This Peru based name for a boy means “king” and makes a statement about your son. Your little king is perfect for this name.

Motega- Native American Boy Name

Motega is a strong boys name. this Native American name is translated to mean “New Arrow”. We love this strong and powerful boy names. Motega would be an excellent way to honor your son.

Myron Greek Boy Names

Myron has a Greek origin and means “myrrh” which is the fragrent oil. It is one of the three gifts given to Mary and Joseph when Mary was giving birth to Jesus in the manger. Myron is actually pronounced “Mye- an.” It has dropped completely out of popularity. If you are looking for a rare boy name, Myron is perfect!

Exotic Boy Names That Start With N

Naeem North African Boy Name

Meaning “benevolent” , Naeem is a North African boy name that we love. It is a light, airy and classy name that any family would love.

Noburu- Japanese Boy Names

Noboru is a Japanese name. We love this fun and exciting name. Meaning “climber”, choose this name if you want to honor your child’s exploring nature, their apt to be a leader or if you see their life as fun, light and optimistic.

Nuri- Arabic Boys Name

Nuri is an Arabic boys name. Pronounced NOOOR EE, It means light. It has been steadily building inh popularity since the 1980s! This strong and bright name would honor any son!

Noe- Spanish Boy Name

Noe is a Spanish boy name that means Peace or rest. This name brings so much mindfulness and peace to a family.

Exotic Boy Names That Start With O

Ochen Ugandan Boy Name

Ochen is a Ugandan name. Meaning “One of Twins,” this would be a perfect name for a child that is born a Gemini or a child that is one of twins. This beautiful name tells a story about the family of that child. If you are a parent of multiples to be or your child will be born a Gemini, consider Ochen for a baby name.

Odin Norse boy Name

This Norse name means Head God in Norse Mythology. For the mythology lovers, this name would be perfect or their son. Odin is a two syllable name that is perfect for anyone who is honoring their Norwegian heritage or that enjoy Norse mythology.

Orin- Irish Boy Names

Orin is an exciting name because it has base names in Aramaic, Irish, Gaelic and Hebrew. This boy name means light. We have traced this and other similar baby boy names since at least the 1880s. It is slowly rising in popularity since the early 2000s but still is one of those rare baby names. Consider Orin for your child!

Ormand German boy Names

If you are looking for an exotic baby name that is also a rare baby boy name, Ormand is for you! Ormand means “spearman” and has dropped in popularity so much since 1912, we have a hard time even getting decent numbers for the name today. This strong baby name is perfect for your little boy and this would be a great time to get your very own unique baby boy name. Choose this unique name today!

Exotic Boy Names That Start With P

Pacifico- Latin Baby Name

Pacifico is a Latin origin but is also a Spanish baby boy name. This name means “calm” so this is a nice boy name that can bring peace to your family. Pacifico is not popular at all. It registers so low that there is barely any data to analyze. If you are looking for a exotic boy name that is also a rare baby name, this is the perfect name for your son.

Paco Native American baby names

Paco is a strong baby boy name. This Native American baby name means “Bald Eagle” which is a strong bird name. We love that Paco is perfect for those with Native American descent to honor their culture, or a name for those who can relate to this powerful baby name.

Perseus Greek Baby Boy Names

Perseus comes from Greek Mythology and was the son of Zeus and Danae. This is a favorite of many Greek mythology lovers which is why we have been a surge in this unique boy name for the last ten years. Perseus goes on to kill Medusa (the goddess with the snakes for hair) and then rescues and marries Andromeda! If you are looking for a Greek boy name with a lot of story

Pilan Native American Boy Name

We choose another Native American name, Pilan because of its meaning, “Supreme Essence.” This is such a handsome boy name that holds a lot of power. This powerful boys name would be perfect with a long or short middle name.

Exotic Boy Names That Start With Q

Quillan Gaelic Baby Name

Quillan is a Gaelic boy name that is gaining slowly in popularity. This name means “cub” which we find a very appropriate and adorable name for a baby. Still a rare baby name, Quillan is perfect for parents that are looking for a unique boy name that has an interesting meaning.

Quinby Scandinavian Boys Names

Quinby is known across Scandinavian regions but is virtually unheard of us elsewhere. Meaning “from the Queen’s Estate” this name works for both a boy and a girl. Quinby is a name that would sound great with both a long or short middle name!

Quigley Irish Baby Names

Quigley is both an Irish baby name with a Gaelic origin. Meaning someone with “messy hair” this exotic boys name, the meaning is not what matters but the sound and origin of the name! This is such a rare baby boy name, that it is difficult to find any data on the name itself and who is naming their baby Quigley. If you are looking for an extremely rare and exotic baby name, Quigley is the one for you!

Qusay Arabic Boy Names

Qusay is an Arabic baby boy name that means “distant or afar”. This name has always maintained a medicore popularity. This name suddenly exploded in popularity in the 2010s and then took a significant drop in the last few years. But rare baby names are always the best! Qusay would make a perfect baby name for your son.

Exotic Boys Names That Start With R

Radcliffe English baby Boy Names

Radcliffe is an exotic baby boy name. Meaning “from the red cliffs”, this exotic name is perfect for the adventurer family and the family that is full of curiosity. Pair Radcliffe with a short and sweet middle name and you have a baby boys name that is going to stick in the minds of all who hear it.

Randolph Old English Boy Name

Randolph is an exotic boys name that is making a strong comeback. This name has a strong meaning, “ Wolf Shield”. This would make a strong boy name that really gives the impression of a little leader. If you are looking for a name that is peculiar but packs a punch, Randolph is that name.

Ranen Hebrew Boy Names

Bring some joy to your family with this fabulous name! Ranen is a beautiful name meaning “joyous”. If you are looking for a happy boy name that brings light to your family, choose Ranen.

Ravi- Hindi boy name

This is one of our favorite names in our entire list! Ravi means “benevolent” and is a popular name in India but the rest of the world is still learning about this fabulous name. Let this name give a lot of light to you and your family and honor your little boy with the name Ravi.

Raynor Old Norse Name

Raynor is not only an old baby name but its Norse background makes it especially exotic. This name means “mighty army” so this strong boys name is going to be a hit with your family. Raynor is easy to pronounced and sounds great with either a short one syllable middle name or a long middle name.

Reade English Boy Names

Reade with this spelling is quite exotic. This name is English and has a meaning “red haired”. Have you noticed your little boy has red hair? This adorable name would be perfect for your red haired boy or any child. Therefore, parents will love the easy and unique spelling boys name.

Regis Latin Boy Names

Are you looking for a name fit for royalty? Regis is Latin for “Kingly” so this may be the perfect name for your son! This name has been made known for famous talk show host “Regis Philbin” but it’s time for your child to take center stage! Therefore, if you like Latin based boy names as much as we do, Regis will make the perfect baby boy name!

Ringo Japanese Boy Name

Ringo is both an English boys name (meaning ring) or a Japanese boys name (meaning peace be with you) either way, this is a rare boys name that your family will love. This name was made famous by the Beatles’ famous drummer Ringo Starr, but it is time for your child to take center stage by choosing this eclectic boys name.

Exotic Boy Names That Start With S

Sahale Native American Boy Name

Are you looking for a name that is a cut above the rest? Sahale is a Native American boy name that means “above.” This beautiful name can mean so much to a family and it a perfect tribute name to a  child that comes into a family with so much love.

Sahen Hindi Boy Name

If you are looking for a strong boy name or a bird boy name, Sahen is perfect for you. Meaning “falcon”, this name is sharp, clear and packs a lot of meaning. Sahen is great for both a long middle name and a short middle name.

Shunar Arabic Boys Name

If you are looking for a sunny and happy name for your little boy, you will love Shunnar which is an Arabic baby name for pleasant. This name will bring joy and peace to any family and is a great tribute to a new baby entering a family.

Stasio Polish boy Names

Stasio has such an interesting ring to it. This Polish boy name means stand of glory. This is a strong baby boy name and would be perfect for families looking to honor their Polish heritage or are looking for that perfect strong, rare baby boy name.

Sonny British Baby Boy Name

Sonny, pronounced (sunny) is a perfect British baby boy name. This name means “son”. In other words, this simple translation is  perfect for any baby boy. It has had a steady popularity but we would love to see this have its baby boom in the near future. Beat the trend and name your son, Sonny!

Exotic Boy Names That Start With T

Tabari North African Name

No one will ever forget Tabari! This name is a North African name that has a very interesting meaning. Tabari means “he remembers”. If you are looking for a unique and handsome name, Tabari is a perfect choice.

Tobais Hebrew Boy Names

Tobais is a Hebrew name that means “God is Good”. It has seen a pretty large spike in the last ten years even though this is an exotic boy name. Generally, exotic boy names are also rare boy names but we see more and more exotic names becoming more popular. Tobais is a strong boy name and is also in the top 600 names for boys in the last few years. Choose Tobais for your little boys name!

Tai Vietnamese Boy Names

Tai is a lovely boys name that is a one syllable boys name. This name has a lot of energy and light and its meaning is talent. Your little boy will be a perfect fit for this name because we all wish for our child to have many interests and talents. Therefore, Tai can match up with both a long and short middle name and is fun, eclectic and exciting name for any little boy.

Tanek Polish Boy Names

Tanek is such a strong boys name, this is one of the strongest names we think on the list. This name means “Immortal”. If you wish for your son a life where he is always a leader, he is stronger from his experiences and is not afraid to try new things, then Tanek is the perfect name for you. Honor your Polish heritage or just choose the name because you think it would be fitting for your son!

Tahj Hindi Boys Name

Tahj is not only a great Hindi boy name but it is a Sanskrit name too. It has been around for hundreds of years. Tahj means “crown” which is a beautiful boy name. It has been a popular name for over thirty years. Even though it has seen a slight decline in popularity, it is still shining bright with parents all over the world. Tahj is an exotic boys name because of how long it has been around and how it has passed from culture to culture. Tahj is a two syllable name that would be perfect for any middle name you choose, whether it is an exotic middle name or not. Give the crown of your family the perfect boy name and consider Tahj.

Tano Ghanese Boy Name

We love water boy names and Tano is one of those perfect names that reminds us of life, always flowing, always continuing. Tano means “name of river”. If you have a story behind how you met your partner, where water is involved, this name could be a beautiful metaphor for starting your family. This is a two syllable boy name that like many of our other exotic name choices can be paired up with long and short middle names. Tano is also a strong boy name and has power behind the meaning.

Taro Japanese Boy Names

Taro is a strong exotic boy name that is very practical. We encourage parents to name their first born child Taro. Meaning “first born male,” Taro is a name that gets the point across but also can be considered an honor for the first born male to receive this name.

Travers Old French Boy Names

When we think of Travers, we think of new beginnings, making life changing decisions and a new life. This is an old French name that means “from the crossroads.” If you are looking for a unique boy name, this name would be perfect as it has an exotic element, secondly, a metaphorical element and lastly, it would be an honor for any baby boy.

Exotic Boy Names That Start With V

Vito Latin Boy Names

Vito is a name that we see a lot in Italian households but it is also a Latin boy name. It has a steady popularity but has not spread across the world… yet. This is a very strong name. Vito means “conqueror” which means this name packs a punch! If you want your son to conquer his fears and try new things and be a leader then Vito is a perfect name for you.

Exotic Names That Begin With W

Worden Old English Boy Names

We are really excited about Worden. We love exotic boy names that are not popular and have not been popular in a long time. Worden is that Old English name that means “watchman.” It is a powerful boys name. Worden was popular just over one hundred years ago but then did a massive dive right after World War One and we have not seen a sizable surge since. This is a very regal name. It has two syllables and would work with a common middle name and/ or a long or short middle name. We would love to see more Worden’s in this world so take advantage of this name that no one is using but is pretty cool!

Exotic Boy Names That Start With X

Xavier Arabic Boy Names

When we think of strong names for baby boys, we think of Xavier. This Arabic name means “bright” and can bring a lot of light into your growing family! We have seen a surge in popularity with Xavier because of the love of Marvel Movies. Professor X (or Xavier) is a key player in the X-Men and has been played by the iconic Sir Patrick Stewart.

Many Marvel loving families choosing Xavier for their sons name which has caused the name to become more popular! Often times you see that movies, celebrities or royalty will bring a name into popularity. It is fair to say that Xavier has become one of our modern top boys names and definitely a cool strong boys name because of the X-Men series.

Exotic Boy Names That Start With Z

Zaide Yiddish Boys Name

Zaide sounds like a cool boys name however, it actually has a more strong baby boy feel. This Yiddish name means “elder”. Zaide is a boy name that makes sure it carries weight. Your future son will be a leader with this name and lead others with his wise words and thoughts. Similarly, when we think of Zaide, we think of a person who measures three times and cuts once. Make Zaide your son’s name!

Uncommon Boy Names

These uncommon boy names for babies are guaranteed to be the best exotic boys names that you can find. They are strong yet different boys names that will help you find that perfect name for your little one. Whether you are looking for a name to honor your heritage or a name that is a fire name, water name, or a name from another heritage, this list has it all.

Your son’s is the first gift you give him, right after you give him the gift of life. Think wisely about the name and since you have gone through this list, you know that the popular names are not necessarily the best choice for your little one! Enjoy the process of choosing names. However, if you have not found the name that you are looking for, feel free to browse some of other name selections! Therefore, we are here to help you find the perfect baby boy name for your little one. Most importantly, congratulations on the new bundle of joy on the way.

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