Potty Time! Lets get started!

Did you know the length we keep our children in diapers has increased from age 2 to the age of 4! In effort to lower this age there was an amazing book written called, Diaper Free Before 3, and in this book the author describes steps you can take from a young age to expose your child to the potty to have them fully out of diapers by age 3, and doing it in a healthy manner.

I know as a mother when my first daughter was out of diapers by age 21 months, then fully out of nighttime diapers by 26 months, it was a great joy! But you know the best part of all of that is after 11 months of age she only pooped on the potty, yep that’s right no poo poo diaper for me to clean up!

Try to think of all of this from your child’s perspective. Its amazing that we put our kids in diapers for more than 2 years then one day all of sudden we tell them no more now in the potty and we think they are the crazy ones for not catching on quickly!!

I always ask parents to expose their babies at an early age to the potty, a routine potty time from 6 months and up. At first nothing may happen, but keep on doing it because all of sudden poops and pees will be done in the potty. Especially once your child is regulated, they will poop in the potty at the same time every day. Going this route of exposing them early will allow them to become familiar with the potty and it won’t seem so foreign to them when you decide to fully take away the diapers. In fact, it will probably be so easy you will wonder what all that hype was about!

So if you have a 6 month, 9 month, or 12 month at home get it started. Make it a fun time for both of you. You can sing songs and read books during potty time. Overall just make it a positive and comfortable experience for your little one.

Happy Potty Time!

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