Sarah Elton is an author and a journalist who specializes in food writing. She has published many books for adults and is a frequent contributor for CBC radio. However, this Toronto, Canada resident has created her first book for children: Starting From Scratch.

This is not a cook book for children, but rather a book with far greater knowledge, its a book about what you should know about food and cooking. Its one thing to teach a child how to cook, but it is a far greater gift to teach them about cooking.

Why should your child learn to cook? Food journalist Sarah Elton explains, “If you can cook, you can be independent and take care of yourself. You get to choose what you eat-and how much salt, fats, and sugar your food contains. You can also save money by buying ingredients and cooking from scratch rather than buying pre-made foods or always eating in restaurants. Plus, it’s fun to cook! I try to show kids how they choose to cook can be a playful way of telling the world a little about who they are.” Teaching your children about cooking, good ingredients and different flavors can lead to a very exciting learning experience, hobby or career field for your kids. Most of all, they learn the healthy way to cook, they know what ingredients are in their food and the types of food that give them the right energy to start their day.

What about the really young children who are curious but not ready for knives, stove tops or ovens? Sarah is also a mother of two young children and when they were as young as two and a half, she gave them butter knives and showed them how to cut mushrooms. The key is to teach your kids how to be safe with objects, which you can spend their younger years explaining.


This colourful book is full of information for both child and parent. Cooking is an incredible bonding experience with families, a great way to learn about nutrition and a wonderful way for your child to build confidence and feel proud that they created something both yummy and nutritious!


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