Each family is unique. This doesn’t only include different variations of parenting styles, but the way parents manage the needs of their newborn child as well. For many parents, swaddling is really helpful because it keeps the child safe, warm and cozy. Still, you should know both pros and cons of swaddling before you decide whether it’s the right thing for you and your child. The position of a swaddled child can truly make a difference when it comes to the usual concerns in the first couple of months after birth. On the other hand, it can lead to some other issues, so make sure to check the following points thoroughly.

Pro: A great sleeping aid

It can be pretty difficult to get your baby to sleep. Swaddling can be very useful in this case. Since they feel warm, safe and tucked in, newborns are more likely to relax and drift off to the dream land. This is due to the fact that cozy baby swaddle wrap mimics the womb, which is something that all newborns need. In order to get them sleepy even faster, you can introduce some white noise in the background. There was no noise in the womb, which can be another factor making your child cranky. So, if you experience some trouble in getting your baby to sleep, definitely try the swaddling + white noise technique.

Con: Hip problems

While it is true that your baby can sleep better when swaddled, there are also some health concerns. These involve hip dysplasia. A research has been conducted, concluding that babies who have been swaddled for the first 3 months after birth can actually show some signs indicating hip dysplasia. Still, most of the kids are said to recover completely later on, without any particular intervention. While this is definitely good news, it should be stressed that children who have a family history of hip dysplasia shouldn’t be swaddled because the risk can only get bigger.

Pro: Calms the baby down

cute babies in a swaddle wrap
Apart from proper sleep conditions, swaddling is known for its amazing ability to calm the child down. Since they feel safe and warm, babies are more likely to stop crying and relax when swaddled. This can be a great help for parents who crave a good night’s sleep. Of course, it’s essential that the swaddle wrap material is comfy and pleasant for a child.

Con: Circulation problems and rashes

As mentioned before, babies love to feel safe, warm and tucked in. Swaddling is also a great way to prevent your baby from fidgeting in the crib. Then again, one of the major concerns when it comes to swaddling is wrapping the child too tightly. If you’re not careful with this, you can cut off the child’s circulation. Moreover, if the temperature at home is warm already, baby can feel overly hot in a swaddle wrap, which can lead to rashes and other skin problems. In order to prevent these, before you start swaddling your child, it’s essential that you ask a professional about the proper way of doing it.

Pro: Safety guaranteed

A lot of parents worry about their child fidgeting, moving around and pulling the bedding too much. These are all reasons for concern that swaddling can successfully prevent. Basically, your child can be hurt when shifting sideways and constantly wriggling all over the cot. If they’re not tucked in properly, babies can also catch a cold. On an even more serious note, babies can pull their blankets over their heads and wrap them around so tightly that it may cause suffocation.  In that respect, swaddling seems like a perfect option that would keep the child calm, safe and healthy.
a newborn in a swaddle wrap
In the end, it’s up to you how you will weigh swaddling pros and cons and decide what’s best for your child. Make sure to ask plenty of questions about swaddling so that you can get valuable advice. There are also many forums and blogs for new parents where you can get some first-hand insights into this matter. If you decide to go with swaddling, always make sure that you use top quality products and that your baby can feel comfortable in such a tight getup.