Pregnancy Bed Rest: 5 Activities To Pass The Time

Pregnancy bed rest might be what the doctor ordered for the well-being of your little one, but it can take a toll when you’re facing weeks stuck inside. It’s easy to feel restless, and if you suffer from depression, the lack of stimulation and diversity can be triggering. Bed rest is a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Think of this period as one of the many obstacles you’ll overcome for your child.

While you wait, you can practice some of these activities to reshape your perspective and see all the new opportunity that awaits you with so much downtime.

Work From Home

If you job allows you to work from home, you can still stay productive and involved with your career via laptop or tablet. If you aren’t able to complete all your tasks from bed, consider looking up some remote writing jobs or similar freelance gigs that will keep your mind active and put some extra money for diapers in your bank account. Teaching English online, becoming a virtual assistant or a remote customer service representative are all great options you can do from home.

Learn a New Language

Have you always wanted to speak Spanish but never got around to taking lessons? Bed rest is a great time to revisit some of your interests and start pursuing them. Download a language learning app on your phone like Duolingo to start learning. The internet is filled with resources for learning just about any language out there, and you’ll have plenty of time to truly immerse yourself in the country and culture as well by reading, listening to music and watching foreign films with subtitles.

Write Here, Write Now

Blogging, like journaling, is a great way to get in touch with your feelings and stay active with your thoughts while on bed rest. You can start a blog for free on WordPress and begin publishing immediately.

A lot of people say they’d write a book if only they had the time. If you’ve always wanted to pen a novel, now is the perfect opportunity! Do as much research as you want or just dive right in. Whether you’re a plotter or a panster, writing a book is an engrossing experience that will help pass the time and keep your brain engaged. If you’ve ever wanted to take a jab at writing short stories, poetry or your own screenplay this is your chance. Many people have a secret passion project that’s never been started. This is the chance to have the time carved out to work on that special story.

Tap into Something Spiritual

Astrology and horoscopes have fascinated people for thousands of years. Maybe you always checked yours out in the back of a magazine or turned to Google when you were feeling out of sorts and wanted some guidance.

Spirituality is a lot more practical than people think. Understanding how herbs and essential oils can improve our health, what the stars have to say about our futures and how tarot cards can help has tap into our inner selves is a fascinating and worthwhile pursuit when you’ve got a lot of time on your hands. Consider starting things off with a psychic reading online or via phone that will give you an introspective look at your horoscope and stir your thoughts.

Stay Social with Video Chats and Date Night

Order in from Postmates or Grubhub and watch a new movie on Netflix to keep the romance alive in your relationship. Talk to your friends on Facetime or Skype to stay up-to-date on their lives and feel like you have a reason to get dressed and do your hair and makeup.

Bed rest is difficult, but whether you’re going to be inside for one month or four, a good support system will help you keep your eyes on the prize: a beautiful, healthy baby.

Kara Masterson is a freelance writer from Utah. She enjoys Tennis and spending time with her family.