Harmony by Karate- These two words may sound like an oxymoron but Sensi John has somehow managed to turn fighting and peace into an art form. It started in his school in NYC “Harmony By Karate” but soon John became a global movement of countering bullying with peace and pairing Karate with Harmony.

John was featured on countless media outlets including CNN and ABC News and his Harmony Power Awards giving back to communities and countering bullying are melding peace and fighting to create Harmony in children of all walks of life everywhere.

Show notes

[01:49] Why Harmony By Karate?
  • Sensei John is focused on the healing part of the martial art – empowerment, healing of the soul, etc
  • Mixing the mind with the body to create harmony especially for children to develop learning
  • Focusing on the inner development of the human body
  • Martial Arts is not just about the physical aspect but it’s just the surface
[04:12] The Difference between Harmony By Karate and other Dojos
  • Sensei John teaches his students to come from a place of restraint rather than being reactive
  • When people lose their temper, they lose everything
  • They have to learn how to learn to express their anger constructively
  • You might have heard stories of martial artists hitting someone because they weren’t focused on the healing modalities of the martial art which is supposed to be about
  • Other martial arts are focused on ego-based environments which are competitive in nature and are not focused on inner development.
[07:55] The right time for parents to speak
  • Parents should understand that when a child wants to speak to you, it’s not your time to speak.
  • Parents usually interject judgment instead of listening to their children
  • Listening to your children sets a good example to them and will mirror your behavior as they get older
[09:06] Being Bullied as a child
  • Sensei John started getting bullied at the age of 8 when someone grabbed him by the hair and slammed him.
  • That incident became the impetus of his martial arts career along with his long-time crusade against bullying
[13:14] Starting a movement
  • He shared stories of his former students and how Karate By Harmony changed their lives
[14:00] Embracing the word Humanity
  • You have to embrace humanity and not just use the word for marketing purposes
  • One rule in his dojo is to embrace humanity in all its various forms.
  • The way to teach empathy is teaching kids how to give, who to give to, and make it a habit 14:44
  • He got a call for Dept Of Education and they’re interested in his movement.

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