Sing you to Sleep – The lullaby CD for Parents an Kids alike- We adore the sophisticated sound of Sing You To Sleep. This personal album for children and adults alike will inspire you, so let’s learn all about this new CD that you are going to love.

We have Dan Watt from the inspiring documentary, Everybody Dance, producing this CD. The talented Tony Nominee Anika Larsen sings on this CD! This is so exciting for families to have such a talented group producing this song.

People are raving about this Lullaby CD. The lovely Hoda Kotb has chosen it for her playlist and gave it a mention on the Today Show. Musical Director for Taylor Swift, David Cooke has arranged the songs.

Why This CD

This lullaby CD is for the entire family and the music is great that everyone will love it. However, it was important that this CD was recorded so parents can trust the type of music that their children are listening to. It is sophisticated, enchanting and relaxing. It is also something new and is not like traditional lullaby songs. However, it also is a CD that you can put on for your children and trust if you are out of the room. This is integral for parents.

Anika Larsen just oozes talent. So this is a personal album. Anika has fourteen nieces and nephews and kept them in mind when singing on this CD. We adored BABY MINE, it is just such a beautiful song and Anika sings it with such grace that it can bring tears to any parent’s eyes. You don’t want to miss that one!

There are twelve wonderful songs for families to enoy. They are drawn from contemporary pop to some animated classics. Here are some of the songs that you will love:

(“Count on Me” by Bruno Mars

“Fields of Gold” by Sting), legendary singer/songwriters (“Annie’s Song” by John Denver

“Make You Feel My Love” from Bob Dylan)

(“Summertime” from Porgy & Bess,

“Sleepy Man” from The Robber Bridegroom)

( “Baby Mine” from Dumbo)

An American Tail (a gently swinging version of “Somewhere Out There,” with lyrics by her Beautiful character Cynthia Weil)

Jessie Mueller, who won the 2014 Tony Award winner for playing Carole King in Beautiful, is featured on the album in a duet with her co-star for James Taylor’s “You Can Close Your Eyes.”

and so much more!

Elevated Music

This music is made from people who understand the love of children for people who understandably love their children. Anika states, “I’ve cared for a lot of little ones in my time, and I have sung all of them to sleep with some of my all-time favorite songs,” says Anika. “I am so thrilled to share this collection with you. Every song has a particular history with me, or is just so pretty that I haven’t been able to stop singing it over the years. I hope you and yours enjoy them as much as I have—so much so that they put you to sleep.” Be sure to also listen for Anika’s husband, Freddy Maxwell, who plays the trumpet on three of these songs!

Sleep is so important. It plays a huge role in your health and it is a big part of our lives. Sadly, as parents, it can be difficult to balance our families sleep. Many parents get under the recommended eight hours a night of sleep. By creating a quiet time for your family and playing some great music, this can all be changed.

Sleeping WELL

Sing You To Sleep makes sure that you are setting a positive and relaxing tone for your families. With songs like “Make You Feel My Love” and “Close Your Eyes”, you find your body just relaxing after a long day. Playing light and relaxing music before bed for the kiddos will set a tone. It tells them it is no longer time to run around but to sit back, cuddle, and rest as we get ready for a good night’s slumber.

Sing You To Sleep is also about bonding. It is time for the family to sit together, chat and listen to music. Anika Larsen has a voice that transcends from generation to generation. Aika sings the songs that your children will hum to their children with her voice in mind. Her melody comes from the soul and touches yours, a rarity in today’s world. It is about the connection between the words, the music and the message. There is a sacred harmony that Anika achieves with each and every song. It is special and it is important to share with the entire family.

Finally, we found this CD connects with the generations. There are songs that we can all connect to. From parents, to grandparents to children, we will all find songs that we like on this CD and can share. Though they are sleepy songs, they are the songs that will be in your family for years to come. After listening to the CD, bedtime! Except, we are ready to rest and go off to dreamland.

Sing You To Sleep promotes better health, family togetherness and of course great music under the voice of the talented Anika Larsen. Take control of your sleep, your calm household and build bonds with this beautiful music.