Some parents attest that little boys are harder to potty train than little girls! We find that it is all relative! We were given the Splashdown Trainer for little boys and we were simply IMPRESSED!


The Splashdown trainer is a fun and interactive potty training aid.  It comes with a fun potty training book for your little one to read to learn how to stand up and go pee. Your son will also get his very own Splash stamp that he can get as a reward for going to the bathroom!

The Splashdown trainer works easily. The insert fits conveniently under your toilet seat. When you lift up the toilet seat for your little boy to pee, Splash begins to say his encouraging words. He will also call out in his cute dolphin sounds. This comforting environment keeps your child relaxed as he learns to go the bathroom.


The design is hands free and is no hassle for others to use the toilet. Teach your tot to stand and go with this easy to use trainer. Feel free to clean the splashdown trainer with the same cleaner as you would use to clean your toilet!

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We found that little boys were comfortable with Splashy . They used the potty easily after reading the book and loved the reward stamp afterwards.