With the birth of Beyonce’s twins and Amal Clooney’s twins, the world is seeing double! When Celebrity Baby Trends owner Rachel Urso introduced us to a fun brand for twins and their Moms, we knew our Moms of multiples would love this! My Twins Are Cuter is an adorable brand that your multitples will love!

When Dawn Motolese gave birth to her twins, she would boast how her twins were cuter! What Mother wouldn’t? This proud mother of four’s proud saying to her daughters became so much more than a cute compliment. On a beach vacation on 2012, Dawn took notice of just how many twins they actually encountered on their week long trip. The girls loved to point out how many other sets of twins they would see. Dawn caught herself saying, “My twins are cuter” to her girls as they pointed out the other multiples. Her twin girls, Olivia and Sophia remarked that she should “get that saying on a shirt.” The idea of My Twins Are Cuter brand was born.

Now, years later, My Twins Are Cuter brand has beautiful apparel for twin babies, toddlers and youth to enjoy. She also operates a blog!

With a variety of twinspiring t-shirt designs for both moms and their twins, this is a brand that grows with your family. From adorable onesies to trendy youth tees, Dawn has made sure not to forget everything in between. It is now your chance to show your kids a little extra twin love. When you are a Mom of multiples, you deserve a brand that identifies your twins as special and recognizes you as the super mom of multiples that you are!