Me and Mister P

The Story

Arthur is sick of hearing about Liam. The golden boy seems to have it all, his parent’s never ending praise, while Arthur gets the short end of the stick. He’s had it, and he wants to get as far from his parents as he can. He’s made up his mind.

As children, we have all felt like this at one point. That we did not fit in, that someone gets more praise, attention or opportunities than we do. Author Maria Farrer taps into this hard lesson of childhood and instead of allowing her young reader to feel alone, she has created this fantastic book for children who are transitioning into chapter books.

Arthur thinks he has it all figured out, until he finds a polar bear on his doorstep. A real, live polar bear with a putrid smelling suitcase. Arthur can’t believe his eyes, until he discovers a label on the suitcase with his address on it.

What It’s About

Coupled with fun illustrations by Daniel Rieley, we watch the main character learn life lessons that truly life changing. We dive into the struggles of Arthur with his family, the needs of Mister P, the polar bear and more. Empathy, understanding and acceptance are key points throughout the book. The reader will dive right into the characters and you may feel your child really relating to Arthur and coming to an understanding for the other characters as the book progresses. This book really is the pinnacle in your child’s life, as they realize how intricate and beautiful the family unit and the world around them really is. Mister P helps your child expand their mind into this realization.

Should You Buy it?

Brilliantly woven, for an age group that often times does not have a good core book list, this book is wonderful for children ages 7-12. It is also nice for parents to pick up and have a quick read. This is not only a fun plot, but also is going to expand your child’s mind. Farrer makes cool with the fun, polar character of Mister P. Be sure to read the back of the book for some amazing facts on polar bears!

This should be in your school library and your personal one.