Be Amazing! A History of Pride

Be Amazing! A History of Pride is written by twelve year old Desmond is Amazing. Desmond highlights the courageous people who paved the way for a more inclusive society for LGBTQ individuals. A History of Pride pays homage to those who started the movement that allowed him and countless others to be free to who they really are.

Desmond is a drag kid and a LGBTQ advocate. This brilliant kid takes the time to teach other kids (and adults too!) about the LGBT community. In Desmond’s twelve years, Desmond has helped inspire so many people around the world. His motto is simple: Be Yourself Always. Desmond is always lifting up others and spreading light and love to all of those who meet this amazing force.

The illustrations of Dylan Glynn capture the essence of the story. The use of color and imagery will have all readers entranced from beginning to end. Coupled with Desmond’s writing talent and the way he lifts up all of us throughout the book, it’s no secret why this book is a winner.


Have your children tell you which LGBT historical figure they look up to. What makes this person connect to your child? How can your children help others and lift them up?

Have your child pick 5 people in their life. Tell your child to write and draw what makes them amazing! Get your child to share why they are amazing. Tell your child their talents and what makes them shine. Keep spreading the love like Desmond!

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