We can all agree that TIME FLIES. When those little ones come into our lives and instantly we are parents, guardians or grandparents, we want to treasure every moment. With the days quickly becoming months, sometimes we take a breath and say, where has time gone?


Ten Year Journal has your answer. This book is just that, an opportunity to capture ten years of your life. Whether it is buying your first home to the feeling you got when you felt that first kick, to when your toddler drew a family picture of you all, on your wall, you want to keep all of those memories forever. The laughter, the tears, the anticipation, all can be recorded.


The Ten Year Journal gives you four lines to jot down your thoughts of the day. Don’t worry if you need more room to write. The Ten Year Journal has Carry Over pages for those important days! We love the Ten Year Journal because it has a section for us to make year goals and to keep track of the progression of those goals.


We also love that you can track doctor’s visits. A family can see the doctor multiple times a year and its good to remember specifics on what the doctor said. The Ten Year Journal lets you keep track of these important details.



It’s also great for saving those important addresses of friends, family and the community. In a time of need, this is a great asset for your family to access and have the information they need in case of an emergency. It is also a great record keeper and piece of family history for your future kids and grandchildren. Think of the future!


Time certainly does fly, but that does not mean we have to be swept away. Order the Ten Year Journal here and keep those wonderful memories with you.