Udderly Hot Mama

How Udderly Hot Mama Is Changing The Way We See Nursing Wear


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Melanie is a super Mom. She has a brilliant designer mind, she runs a successful company and of course, she is a Mom. Udderly Hot Mama is a beautiful, trendy and efficient clothing line for Moms who are breastfeeding. This nursing wear line is not only clothes, but is style, fashion and a statement.


Melanie started Udderly Hot Mama in an aha moment. As an award winning journalist (Super Mom!) Melanie was freelancing, covering school board meetings and had a baby who would scream if she got a bottle. This breast feeding Mom was doing it all, but she was extremely busy.

Melanie recollects even learning how to type her important articles while breastfeeding. She shows us a safe breastfeeding position while she types. We are amazed. However, Mom should be comfortable while she breastfeeds and that is when Udderly Hot Mama was born.


Melanie was disappointed with maternity stores and their stock. She began experimenting with patterns and fabrics and created a line of versatile, trendy nursing tops and breast pumping shirts.

Each design is so beautiful. Wear it for a night out for supper or shopping. These contemporary designs make you feel fresh and trendy, while you are a new Mom.
Most importantly, you can breastfeed or pump discreetly. You are the Mother and you call the shots.


If you are a Mom who has a new beautiful body, this line will embrace your shape! From a Mom who still has a bit of a tummy, to a Mother who is recovering from a C section, this line will flatter your body. You are beautiful now and you can embrace your new body with confidence in these clothes.

Udderly Hot Mama does not just give you a great look and make you feel comfortable feeding your child, it gives you your confidence back. You are powerful, beautiful and a Mother who can feed her beautiful baby while you and your little one are at ease.

Udderly Hot Mama is a trusted brand that will continue to thrive. This is a line produced for Moms by a Mother who understands. Embrace nursing, embrace style and feel great!