Spring is in full effect and we have some beautiful companies, bloggers and designers from around the globe to share with you!


Blogger of the Month: Borrowed Mommy


Do you feel like everything is being borrowed from you? At one point, many of us have. We are parents and we are always giving to our children, our families and our communities. Borrowed Mommy is a perfect place for Moms who want to get together and share everything from product reviews to rants and raves. Its a raw, honest approach to everything “borrowed.”
We shook our heads in agreement to this great Allergy post and had a tear or two about the nursery to big boy room transition. This is not just a blog, but a great site to visit where you can find people who you can relate to. It is a  must read in your blog roll.





We love products that let your child’s individuality shine and we have recently discovered EYEGOZ,  a backpack line that can allow the user to remove the face of the backpack, going from fashionable to functional in just seconds! With just one zip, you can take off that teddy bear and put on a cute zebra print. Let’s change the face of boring backpacks and allow your child’s true style to shine with EYEGOZ! These 360 degree zippers allow your child to change the face of their backpack in seconds!



Grandma Bilt


These wonderful handmade items are perfect for your little infant! From a keepsake to the clothes that they wear home from the hospital or for meeting family and friends for the first time, Grandma Bilt has you and your infant covered! Grandma Karen, the owner of Grandma Bilt, designs and hand crochet’s all of her own clothes! You cannot get quality like this! These pictures speak for themselves…


In Grandma Karen’s Words…

I’m (Grandma) Karen.  I live with my husband in New Brunswick, Canada. We have raised three wonderful sons and are now enjoying being grandparents of our beautiful granddaughter, Madi.  I design and hand crochet all of the baby clothes in my Grandmabilt shop.  I do not use any patterns, but create every item that I make from memory and/or picturing what it should look like in my mind.  

My Grandmother was a very talented lady and enjoyed quilting, tatting, crocheting, knitting and braiding rugs.  Her hands were always busy and I never saw her follow a pattern. I believe my passion for both knitting and crocheting came from Gram.  


A few years ago, my husband suggested I open an Etsy shop to sell my crocheted items.  Once my first hat sold in 2012, I was hooked!  Not only do I sell my products on Etsy, but I have recently opened my Grandmabilt online store.


As a hockey mom, my love for hockey led me to create baby hockey items in colourful team themes, consisting of helmet hats, socks, diaper covers and skates. I am always delighted when customers send me photos of their adorable babies wearing Grandmabilt creations.

I have custom designed outfits for several babies of NHL hockey players, adding their daddy’s hockey number on the front of the hat.  This week a hockey wife ordered three more hats for three other pregnant hockey wives.


What was once my hobby is now my job, however, my love to create for others has stayed the same.  It’s very rewarding to be able to earn an income from home while doing something I truly love. 

Grandma Karen



Have a keepsake that you want to add a special flare to ? Take a treasured item and make it something that is passed down from generation to generation. We love all of the options that Bronzery provides for their clients. Ballet slippers, military hats, awards and more can all be bronzed! What a great centerpiece and keepsake for your family!


In the Bronzery’s words…

A Family Tradition Passed Down In Generation.

At the Bronzery, our tag line is “Preserve What’s Priceless” so we are frequently asked, what are the most interesting things we’ve bronzed?



The high profile jobs we do always come to mind but in reality, the greatest work we do is for the mom who sent in her child’s first pair of shoes along with her husband’s combat boots because her child took his first steps the very day his dad got home from Iraq. Or the fireman’s helmet that survived 9-11, though the hero who wore it did not. Or the game ball that won the championship given to the coach who himself gave so much to his team. Or the Navy cover awarded to the officer by his men who will miss his leadership, but will celebrate his 25 years of distinguished service. Or the hiking boots that belonged to a beloved father who passed entirely too soon.



These stories make us laugh and cry, inspire us and teach us that every project is special to the person sending it in and to whomever is receiving it.


The Bronzery provides easy and efficient ways to place and process orders for custom bronzing through our website, over the phone and with our offline order form. Let us assist you in creating a trophy, award or keepsake that will be treasured forever.



LnK Designs



LnK Designs is a fabulous American company that specializes in hand carved Swedish Star Lights, Swarovski Crystal Jewelry and Dog collars and leashes. Sometimes in life, we need a little more sparkle and colour/color and LnK Designs provides just that with their beautiful detailed products!



In Owner Larua Henkin’s words…


Laura Henkin of LnKDesigns resides in North Kingstown, RI with her husband and three boys. She specializes in crafting hand-carved Swedish Star Lights, Swarovski Crystal jewelry and dazzling dog collars and leashes. She also custom –creates  a wide variety of soaps including her trademark Treasure Soaps. These soaps are enhanced by embedding licensed Lego and Disney mini-figures in the middle of soap to encourage kids to wash their hands!  Consider her soaps as unique  party favors for your next wedding, shower or birthday party too!
Laura was inspired to create LnKDesigns  while recovering from some of life’s unexpected challenges. “Basically, I transitioned from an office worker into a small business owner while recovering from a serious health issue and grieving the passing of my Dad,” Laura says. “I started carving wood and making Swedish Star Lights in honor of my father and my Swedish heritage.  As I continued working on the that project, all of these other creative ideas came pouring out of me. I continue to be surprised by the artistic side of me that I never knew existed!”
Laura brings her shop of specialty goods to festivals across NE and also sells her inventory online via a website store on Etsy worldwide.