Some of The Best Family Vacation Ideas for The Bahamas in 2020

The Bahamas has always been a prime spot for tropical vacations. Made up of over 700 islands, this unique archipelago is filled with stunning natural scenery and an abundance of activities. Though it is a popular honeymoon destination, it also ideal for families searching for a dose of luxury on their next trip.

The thing is that choosing which island to visit can be tricky. There are some which are better suited to couples, and some which suit solo adventurers more. Yet, it is families who are the true winner here. With three main hubs to explore and relax on, here’s a lowdown on the best vacation ideas for the Bahamas next year.

Before you go

Most families know that booking a vacation can be stressful, even after you’ve booked your flights and hotel. In fact, 8 in 10 people experience pre-vacation stress, but there are ways to keep your stress levels low. Just remember to bear these important tips in mind before you jet off to the Bahamas:

Pack wisely

When you’re traveling with kids, there are a few items that can’t be forgotten. Sunscreen, medications, and swimwear are only a few items that must be at the top of your list.

Book travel insurance

You never know what could go wrong on vacation. Delayed flights and lost baggage are two of the most common issues, so book family travel insurance to keep your mind at ease.

Plan journey activities

Long journeys can be a nightmare when traveling with kids. The flight to the Bahamas is a long one, so keep them occupied by planning some activities they can enjoy on the way. Occupying them with a tablet filled with films, or giving them an adventure book are both great solutions.

Nassau and Paradise Island

Famed for being the capital of the Bahamas, Nassau has always been a haven for families on vacation. Noted for its upscale resorts, it is surrounded by deep, blue seas and filled with old, colonial-style buildings.

As the commercial center of the Bahamas, you’re likely to find plenty of family-friendly places to eat, with local and western dishes. This means you’ll keep even the fussiest eater in the family satisfied. One thing you shouldn’t miss out on here is snorkeling by the coral reef. Easily accessed by the nearby beaches, you needn’t swim far to catch glimpses of this colorful underwater world. If you’re traveling with younger kids, take turns with your partner to build sandcastles on the beach while the other snorkels.

Just across the Nassau Harbor bridges is the aptly named Paradise Island, where you’ll find famous beaches like Cabbage Beach and Paradise Beach. For a fun day out with the whole family, stop by Aquaventure for some waterpark fun.

The Exumas

The Exumas make up 365 islands- over half of the Bahamas. Though many of these small ‘cays’ are uninhabitable, the region is ideal for snorkeling and swimming. Though you might wish to spend time on Grand Exuma, you can easily pop over to Little Exuma by crossing the sea bridge that connects them.

For the best resorts, Stocking Island may well be your best port of call. Aside from its family-friendly approach, you’ll find numerous beaches that are perfect for paddling in. Easily reached from the Exuma capital of Georgetown, you won’t be out of touch with the rest of the Bahamas.

The real jewel in the Exuma crown, however, is Pig Beach. Situated on Big Major Cay, a day trip swimming here is sure to be memorable for you and your kids. When you’re visiting a place like this, remember to pack your best, waterproof camera. This way, you can capture some impressive footage of this unforgettable hotspot.

Grand Bahama Island

Everyone wants to stay active on vacation, which is why many families head to Grand Bahama for an all-natural trip. Though this northernmost island is known for its various resorts and sandy beaches, you’ll also find some scenic, natural areas to explore.

Among these is Lucayan National Park- which boasts an extensive cave network- and Peterson Cay National Park. This small island is just off the coast of Grand Bahama, and is a great spot for snorkeling. For a new way to explore the island, try activities like banana boating and zip lining together.

If you’d prefer a more relaxing day under the sun, get the best of both worlds at Barbary Beach. While some of the family try out kayaking, unwind with the younger kids away from the crowds.

The Bahamas and beyond

The best thing about the Bahamas is that it is a great gateway destination to the rest of the Caribbean. With this in mind, it is no wonder many families use this time to visit as much of this incredible region as possible.

In fact, many families like to combine their Bahamas vacation with visiting Jamaica. This other Caribbean island destination has a similar scene of white sand beaches and family-friendly activities, but also boasts excellent cuisine. It is also only a short flight away from the Bahamas, so getting there is easy.

If you’re searching for a destination that suits the adventurous family, head to Puerto Rico on your next stop. With mountains, waterfalls, and beaches, there’s more than enough here to keep you active and relaxed on vacation.