Your kiddo now gets the chance to eat all those solid foods they so badly wanted to try when they saw what you were eating. But not the broccoli.

Getting youngsters to eat anything green and not cheesy can pose a challenge. Breakfast is the important meal of the day because it’s when most people get in the bulk of their nutrition. Even quick meals hold nutritional promise for picky taste buds. Switch up your morning meal routine with these six best toddler breakfasts to food prep.

1. Hidden Veggie-Berry Smoothies

If your kid is big on flavor and loves drinks, give them more smoothies to get in their calcium, fruit and protein. Choose a milk, using one cup. Non-dairy is less likely to separate after it blends. Peel a ripe banana and gather a half cup of your fruit choices.

Select a vegetable, using a half cup. If you freeze a vegetable, it provides the same nutrition with less questionable texture.

Pick an optional add-in, such as a healthy fat, fiber or protein. Try a teaspoon of chia seeds or two teaspoons of avocado. Blend it all and serve in your child’s favorite cup.

2. Three-Ingredient Pancakes

As your child grows up, they can learn how to make these three-ingredient pancakes. For now, let them enjoy the cinnamon-banana flavor with a recipe that’s easy for you to make in a pinch.

You’ll need one ripe banana, two eggs and an eighth teaspoon of baking powder. Stir in an optional pinch of cinnamon for more flavor. Melt butter on your pan over medium heat and fry the batter until it bubbles, for two to three minutes. Flip and cook, and top with your child’s preferred ingredients.

3. Spinach and Ham Egg Bakes

Mixing spinach in with ham in a bite-sized egg bake will make it more accessible to your little one. Prep your 12-cup muffin pan with cooking spray, and set the oven to 370 degrees. Chop the onions and bell peppers into small pieces. Break apart spinach. Dice smoked ham into one-inch pieces.

Cook onion and bell pepper over medium heat in a little olive oil, tilting the pan to coat them. When the vegetables sauté, add the ham and spinach, covering it with the lid. Let the ingredients sit on low heat for about five minutes and let them cool.

Crack eggs into a bowl, adding salt and pepper and whisking until blended. Add pan ingredients into the bowl and mix. Pour the mixture into the muffin pans and sprinkle cheese on top. Bake for about 30 minutes until the eggs set.

4. Southwest Breakfast Pizza

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Beat milk and eggs together with a fork, adding in spinach, salt and pepper until combined. Add egg mixture to an oiled pan and cook until eggs are cooked.

Slice English muffins in half and brush with melted butter. Add scrambled eggs on top and sprinkle with cheese to make the “pizza.” If food prepping, wrap these in aluminum foil and refrigerate or freeze.

If making ready-to-eat pizza, bake the bottoms for ten minutes. Top with pico de gallo and avocado. Serve with a glass of milk.

5. Applesauce Yogurt Parfaits

Parfaits are easily layered breakfasts your toddler with love. You can use packaged applesauce or make your own by simmering apples with spices until easily mashed. Puree in a blender and add syrup and cinnamon. Chill. Layer Greek yogurt, applesauce and granola in a mason jar.

6. Bacon and Egg Fried Rice

Bacon and eggs make this dish a classic but unique meal your toddler will enjoy. Heat the oil over medium heat in a wok. Add in beaten eggs and scramble, setting aside scrambled eggs. Crisp bacon in the wok, and set it aside. Leave the grease in the wok to flavor the diced onion, and stir-fry until onions become translucent. You’ll get a fantastic bacon flavor.

Then, add the rice and stir fry it for two minutes. Break up clumps with the wok spatula. Add the sugar, salt and soy sauce around the perimeter to create a nice sizzle. Stir the mixture and let it cook until you see steam rise. If the rice looks dry, add a bit of water, and the liquid will also help break up rice clumps. Stir in scrambled eggs, bacon, scallions and pepper. It’s ready to serve!

Try a New Breakfast

These six recipes will please your toddler’s taste buds and provide a nutritional start to their day. You won’t burn through dishes trying to meal prep and cook, either. Hide questionable, strangely-textured vegetables in smoothies. Make healthy pancakes with just three ingredients. Sneak spinach into bite-sized ham and egg bakes. Indulge in pizza for breakfast, and do new things with applesauce. Break out your wok and use it in the morning.

Toddler tastes shift, and those little ones have strong preferences. Enjoy trying out these new breakfasts with different flavors for even the busiest days.