Today is National Hug Day and what better way to celebrate than this wonderful book, The Big Book of Hugs.


New York Times Best Selling Author Nick Ortner joins with Alison Taylor to write this wonderful children’s book about hugs, kindness and giving love.

It’s time for little Barkley to join the family business. The Bears are responsible for caring for everyone in the forest. This is no easy task and Barkley is concerned that he cannot help everyone in the forest. With some creative thinking, Barkley solves this problem and learns an important lesson in giving kindness and receiving it back.


We think this book is a must have for every book shelf. The reminder to help others and be kind can be the most important lesson your children learn, in the school yard to home life right up until their future workplace. If we all followed these simple, yet integral steps, the world would be that much easier.

Illustrator Michelle Polizzi draws adorable drawings of Barkley and his forest. Children will love the pictures! Michelle has a way of captivating her audience by making each picture feel warm and familiar to our growing reader.


Not only is this book a staple for National Hug Day, but a book to read everyday, for parents and children a like to bask in the reminder to love others and truly to be kind. We cannot think of a better message for our little ones to grow up with and for us as adults to exemplify to our children.

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