There are a new bunch of heroines in town! The Guardian Princesses are a new series of books that will inspire your children to help people and the environment around them!

The Guardian Princesses are here to let your little one’s know that outside beauty is not what is important but inside beauty. The princesses are diverse, model compassion and intelligence. There are so many lessons your children will learn!


There is a princess representing many global cultures including :East Asian, African, Latina, European, Native American, Pacific Islander and South Asian. Each princess is a guardian of one element of the environment.



We were pleased to receive the Inaugural Trilogy featuring Princess Terra, Princess Vinnea and Princess Mariana. This beautiful book of three stories is wonderfully illustrated and shows these girls as powerful, intelligent and compassionate characters.

Our favorite part other than each story is the Common Core Discussion Questions to further engage your child in the story and create opinions and further discussion. We also liked the glossary, available for your child to expand his or her vocabulary and learn new words with each book!

The Guardian Princesses are here to not only for your family to read about their great adventures but to see girls that are intelligent, powerful and brave. Buy The Guardian Princesses Inaugural Trilogy Here!