As parents try to hold down their families, careers and household, it can often feel like the world is spinning out of control. We are missing deadlines, events, family gatherings and most of all, we are missing ourselves. Life gets so busy that it becomes difficult to remember or find the time to take care of our own wellness each day. We sometimes naively point blame to the ones that we love most, getting upset about the little things when it is the big things that are haunting us. Let’s change the negative into a positive! We must begin to notice the little things in each and every day. These little things that are positive can make a world of difference on how we feel over time. How can we begin this mantra of positive thinking? Happiness and Relationship Expert Natasha Sharma has the answer to help you get back on track and stay there with The Kindness Journal.

It is said that taking the time to repeat actions eventually forms a habit. It is time to create a positive habit and Natasha attests that sparing only six minutes a day, at the end of your evening. This gives you an opportunity to reflect on the entire day that has just past, and it can result in you genuinely improving your life!

Backed entirely by research, The Kindness Journal is a guided, interactive journal based on the science of Positive Psychology and Mind Body Health. It is focused on re-tuning you to your strengths, positive actions and moments, and the kindness of others that you experienced in the day. Consistently taking note of these things has been scientifically proven to make us happier, more optimistic, and generally have a more positive outlook. When we are happier, life is experienced with more pleasure. It’s time to find your happiness and the happiest version of you. When we are truly happy, the feeling is contagious, and spreads to our family, into our work and within our community. Once we spend time on ourselves, every other factor benefits immensely!

People pay thousands of dollars to find out how to become happy, but one of the best forms of self-reflection is through writing, or journaling our thoughts. This is what Natasha refers to as an “intentional action.” Kindness to self and others is the ultimate positive intentional action. But not everyone wants – or has the time – to stare at a blank page and just write. The Kindness Journal was designed for those who don’t: Five prompted entries and a one-minute “savoring” exercise means you’re done in six minutes. Minimal input, but with maximum benefits. Those benefits have been proven to include:

  • Increased optimism and more positive outlook
  • Stronger relationships/feeling more connected to others
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Higher sense of meaning in life
  • Greater empathy and compassion
  • Reduced depression, anxiety, anger, and stress
  • Improved immune system functioning

Natasha has structured The Kindness Journal into two parts. The first part is an introduction to the science behind kindness (both to oneself and to others) and the relationship to happiness. It also outlines each of the entries and explains how to write them. The introduction is brief but important; it exists to help the reader get the most out of their journaling experience. Her easy approach feels comfortable to the reader and her encouragement gives you the strength to begin your journal experience.

The rest of The Kindness Journal is the actual “journal” itself and contains four months worth of guided entries. Daily inspirational quotes and weekly “dares” keep the reader engaged, motivated, and challenged.

The Kindness Journal is not just for parents, but is a great tool for the whole family! We think it would be great for pre-teens and teenagers as well, as it will help them to reflect back on each day and tune their mind into the positive in the day – no matter how big or small – and to plan for positive actions in the future.

After speaking with Natasha Sharma about The Kindness Journal and how so many families need to be kind not only to others but to themselves, it is clear that this is not just a book but a tool to use to ultimately change ones behavior and overall mindset. On top of this, it makes a fantastic keepsake as the reader is asked to enter their “most favorite moment of the day” in one of the prompts (and mindfully re-experience it for one full minute). Upon completion of each book, you have a record of life’s most memorable moments that may otherwise have been forgotten.

Practice the art of journaling with The Kindness Journal with your family or by yourself. Get your family engaged in journaling as it truly only takes a few moments to experience the full benefits! This book can be purchased again and again so you can continue to journal and keep yourself on a positive path.

Stay positive and use the journal to guide you to become more kind to yourself and to others.

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