New Baby Name Trend Of 2013

One of the biggest decisions you will make during pregnancy is what to name your baby. Do you go traditional by naming your baby after a parent or grandparent? Or do you get creative and come up with a name that has a unique spelling? Some people check out the latest name trends and go from there. In 2013, we have seen a big name change from the last few years.

Names have gone from unique to traditional! Though many people still take the unique spelling twists on regular names or inventing their own names, other parents to be are opting for more traditional names, like Elizabeth or James. Why the sudden flux?

The British Royals

Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton took the wedding world by storm when she brought back lace with her beautiful wedding dress.  Girls everywhere wanted everything from her gorgeous engagement ring to her elegant wedding dress. Now that the Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant, it has inspired new Moms to look to traditional names. We will definitely see more Williams and Catherine’s, but also new parents are channelling names that were popular from the 1920s to 1950s. This sudden flashback is a complete difference to the inventive new –aged baby names that caught on just a few short years ago.


Looking At Some Traditional English Names?

Interested in the English baby name trend? The Baby Spot has compiled a few English baby names to get your gears grinding for your search of the perfect baby name!

GIRL –Catherine, Elizabeth, Alexandria, Victoria, Amelia, Emma, Laura and Madeline

BOY-William, Charles, Henry, James, Richard, Andrew, Alexander, Nicholas, Benjamin


Have a name you love and adore? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below so our mom’s to be have many choices for their baby to be!