Romance was definitely in the air this Valentine’s Day in Toronto. Tasty Tours hosted the Valentine’s Day Sweet and Savoury Tour for sweethearts. This culinary adventure took place in one of our favorite hang outs, Kensington Market! Now that Valentine’s Day is over, we encourage anyone in or visiting Toronto to take a date day to enjoy the sweet and savory tastes of this fair city!

The Perfect Date Day in Toronto

In true Toronto fashion, sweethearts were spoiled into a delicious retreat tasting yummy Chinese snacks, Middle Eastern delicacies, Mexican treats and so much more! Travel the world in one place and have the yummiest treats all in Toronto! It is an experience to be remembered and a very unique and romantic way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Sampling from each location is enough for lunch so you will be completely satisfied by the delicious samples. On the tour, guests were treated to a history of Valentine’s Day, food and so much more! We love that this tour is for everybody yes everybody! The walking through out the tour is easy. Each walk was maximum five minutes away from the last.

If you have dietary restrictions, don’t worry! This tour can be completely vegetarian and gluten free.  Make sure to fill out the dietary restrictions section when you are booking your tour!

This tour is great for couples that are looking for unique food and chocolate experiences. Couples who are interested in learning the tastes from around the world and walking in one of the most eclectic and fun areas that Canada has to offer will love this tour. Wearing comfy shoes and being in a relaxed atmosphere makes guest let loose and enjoy themselves more! When we go on every Tasty Tour, we love to bring a bottle of water to keep hydrated!

Kensington Market

Start off at the wonderful Livelihood Café and go explore Kensington Market with Tasty Tours and enjoy all of the delicious treats that Kensington has to offer!

We love doing different things for a date night with our partner. Dinner and a movie is nice but it is fun to change it up and really have good experiences as our time alone together is precious. Good experiences turn into great memories and that is why we recommend Tasty Tours for a guaranteed great time with your loved one!

Tasty Tours always has great events. Next Valentine’s Day, be sure to book with them! They also have other delicious tours you have to attend.