Smart bassinet

For so many parents having a new baby is so exciting but overwhelming. Even though they are so small, babies begin life by taking their parents on a few sleepless nights to say the least. Sleep deprived parents everywhere are looking for some relief so they can enjoy these first few months a little more with their precious little ones.

Smart Bassinets are said to help your baby sleep and parents are purchasing them, despite the steep price of some. The cost of a great sleep and a rejuvenated parent is well worth the cost and we see many families wanting baby and parents alike to have the sleep that they deserve.

Here is our top choice for smart bassinets for 2019!



This bassinet is a game changer! Parents everywhere are claiming this is one of the BEST purchases of their lives!

This bassinet has it all. For the first six months of life (or when your baby reaches 25 pounds) your baby will get their very own SNOO Bassinet and 3 SNOO Sacks (S, M and L) that grow with your child, a fitted sheet and one mattress and water resistant cover.

The SNOO is known for calming cries of your baby and avoid the “cry it out” method. It does this by encouraging your child to sleep securely on the back all night long, it soothes your little one with white noise and motion. After a minute of crying, the SNOO senses the child’s discomfort and gradually creates stronger white noise and motion.

The mobile app gives you a sleep log where you can track your babies sleeping progress. This is fun to share with your spouse and enthusiastic aunts, uncles and grandparents.

If you have a preemie, no problem! It is customizable! It has a gentle preemie/newborn setting that modifies motion and sound levels.

While your baby is sleeping, don’t forget about the breathable mesh walls for your child’s healthy air flow or the algorithm that distinguishes room noise from baby cries.

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The Best Smart Bassinet

This bassinet is quiet, comforting and SMART. It imitates the womb which improves your baby’s sleep which consequently, improves yours.

Towards the end of your SNOO sleeping journey, there is a weaning option to help your baby easily transition to the crib.

Get the best, and get your SNOO as soon as possible! Your sleep depends on it.